How many units of the PlayStation VR 2 sold since February?

Contrary to popular belief, the launch numbers of the PlayStation VR 2 are encouraging from a business standpoint.

Sony's PlayStation VR 2 didn't storm the gaming world as expected. While earlier reports claimed Sony felt disappointed by its initial launch phase, the numbers tell a different story. As a matter of fact, the PSVR 2 has outsold its predecessor.

It appears that the reports of the PSVR 2's "low sales" were greatly exaggerated.

According to Sony's most recent business presentation, the PSVR 2 sold 600,000 units in its first 6 weeks on the market, a figure that beats the PSVR2's launch numbers by at least 8%.

It's safe to say that the quiet launch of the PSVR 2 belied its commercial success although Sony insists on downplaying its success, saying it did "okay".

The power of the PlayStation VR 2 takes gamers on a breathtaking journey. With its enhanced graphics, processing power, and sensory feedback, it allows its users to traverse an immersive virtual universe, experience exhilarating adventures, and engage in an unparalleled gaming experience. The technological advancements in the PSVR 2 afford a select few a chance to enjoy one of the best virtual reality headsets on the market to date.

But, while the PSVR 2 enjoyed great numbers at launch, this still doesn't mean that it's a wild success.

Sony likely expected more from the PSVR 2 and there may be some truth to the earlier reports. However, the encouraging numbers, at the very least, should only improve as the PS5 stock shortage is now officially over.

Sony needs more than just a Horizon Call of the Mountain to continue moving PSVR 2 units en masse going forward.

With both the PSVR 2 and the PS5 much more readily available on the market, the onus is now on PlayStation to deliver more experiences worthy of the premium investment.

Apparently, the PSVR 2 is the start of Sony's continued investment in expanding its lineup of gaming hardware. Aside from the DualSense Edge and Access, Sony is also working on a pair of new PlayStation earbuds and a new handheld gaming console, Project Q.

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