How Black Ops Cold War League Play Works

Hardcore Call of Duty players rejoice! Black Ops Cold War league play is finally here.

Whether you're an aspiring pro or someone who's just up for a challenge, the addition of Black Ops Cold War League Play is a welcome sight.

Fans have waited for the ranked mode to hit Treyarch's latest title, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, ever since it was released in late 2020.

Now that it's here though, it might be important for you to read up first.

Scroll down below to learn more about how Black Ops Cold War league play works before you try queuing solo or partying up with your mates.

What Are the Maps and Modes in Black Ops Cold War League Play?

If you're new to playing ranked in Call of Duty, one thing that you'll want to know first is that the maps and modes that you normally play in are different from what professionals play in at the Call of Duty League or CDL.

The Black Ops Cold War League Play follows the same rules and restrictions as that of the CDL.

The said different maps and modes available are as follows:


  • Checkmate
  • Crossroads
  • Garrison
  • Moscow
  • Raid

Search and Destroy

  • Checkmate
  • Miami
  • Garrison
  • Moscow
  • Raid


  • Checkmate
  • Garrison
  • Raid

The different rules that League Play follows can be found under the "Rules" page when you pull up the "League Play" menu.

Here, you can see everything that's restricted and not allowed to use in a League Play event. This includes everything from weapons to attachments, gears, perks, scorestreaks, wildcards, and so much more.

How Do Ranks Work in Black Ops Cold War League Play?

In Black Ops Cold War League Play, winning is extremely important. The more often you win, the more Gems you'll earn that will help you rise in the ranks and climb up the ladder. However, to earn gems, you'll have to do well and place high in a Division during a League Play event that runs from Monday to Friday (Weekday League Play) and Friday to Monday (Weekend League Play).

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The events are separated into 5 different divisions: Competitor, Advanced, Expert, Elite, and Master.

The best and fastest way to rank up in ranked matches is to place high in a League Play event. However, because losing and leaving matches can cause you to lose rank, we recommend practicing by joining private matches with the CDL Pro setting so you can get used to it.

Is There a Reward for Playing Black Ops Cold War League Play?

These badges are yours to keep as a reward for playing well in Black Ops Cold War League Play. (Activision)

There are a couple of rewards for why playing in Black Ops Cold War League Play is worth it outside of the challenge and the chance to play with the best among the best.

Case in point, every five ranks you claim, you'll receive a special League Play Calling Card.

You can show this off across all of your profiles from Modern Warfare to Warzone and, of course, Black Ops Cold War. You'll also get a chance to show off a Victory Flame behind your rank for finishing in first place at a League Play event.

The more you place first in consecutive League Play events, the stronger the flame will become. However, be careful. If you don't get first place, the flame will completely go away and you'll have to start from scratch.

Also, you don't have to worry about losing out on any XP if you play League Play exclusively.

Any XP you gain while playing Black Ops Cold War League Play will apply to your battle pass.

How Do You Unlock Black Ops Cold War League Play?

The Krig-6 is a highly-desirable weapon in Black Ops Cold War League Play.

Black Ops Cold War League Play will be available from the main menu so long as your version of the game is fully updated.

All you have to do is to choose the "League Play" mode, set up your classes, and that's it.

However, because this is a competitive setting, you'll want to take your games seriously and use the best guns available right from the get-go.

To help promote fair competition, the game will rank you according to your performance. Your first five League Play matches, in particular, will determine which Skill Division the game will decide to place you in.

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