House of the Dragon viewership jumps once again after Episode 6

According to reports, House of the Dragon Episode 6 saw another 3% jump in viewership as the series continues to prove all doubters wrong.

House of the Dragon was always going to have its doubters. After Game of Thrones ended the way it did, any spin-off would struggle to change public perception. We're only six episodes in, but it's safe to say that House of the Dragon has cut out the tongues of anyone who would ever dare say that it's not as good as Game of Thrones if not better.

House Of The Dragon Viewership Jumps After Episode
At this point, the war between House of the Dragon and Rings of Power is one-sided.

Let's just not talk about the subjective part here because the viewership numbers say it all.

According to Variety, House of the Dragon Episode 6 enjoyed a 3% increase in viewership, which mirrors the jump from Episode 4 to 5. More importantly, it eases all concerns that the "frequent" time jumps of House of the Dragon have made the show confusing to follow. If anything, all that chatter about the supposedly jarring casting change only gave House of the Dragon free publicity.

In total, House of the Dragon's first season is already averaging 29 million viewers for each episode. To put that into context, the original show, Game of Thrones, didn't enjoy similar numbers until its sixth season.

House Of The Dragon Viewership Jumps After Episode
It's been nice seeing all of the dragons in House of the Dragon.

Having said that, anyone who's worried about more time jumps can rest easy after Matt Smith, the actor behind Daemon Targaryen, confirmed that there'll be fewer of them going forward. It'll be interesting to see if House of the Dragon can maintain its popularity as its first season ends and when we get to its second or the still-unconfirmed third season.

But, considering that House of the Dragon already set a new record as the largest original series premiere audience in HBO history, we're betting that it will surpass Game of Thrones' highest season viewership numbers (46 million) in no time.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to watching House of the Dragon Episode 7 on Sunday, October 2.

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