King Viserys I is dead in the House of the Dragon Episode 9 preview

Now that the Young King is dead, his family is going to tear itself apart fighting over who should sit on the Iron Throne.

After waiting years for House of the Dragon to breathe fire into our ASOIAF-less lives, the Game of Thrones spinoff will finally meet its end. Or, at least, its first season will.

House Of The Dragon Episode Preview
The Iron Throne currently sits empty as it awaits whoever wins the incoming Dance of the Dragons.

In what's easily the perfect allegory for an incoming storm, the show's eighth episode, Lord of the Tides, was the calm before the storm as it was the Greens and the Blacks pretending to make peace with each other if only temporarily. But, now that Paddy Considine's King Viserys I Targaryen has died, the next two episodes will kick off the looming war that's more commonly known as the Dance of the Dragons.

In an ideal world, the rest of the realm, including the Hightowers, will accept King Viserys' decision to name his daughter as his heir. Unfortunately, we're talking about Westeros and politics is an even more dangerous game than in real life. Rhaenyra Targaryan, who is portrayed by Emma D'Arcy, will now have to fight tooth and nail for what is rightfully hers.

If the preview for "The Green Council" is any indication, the entire episode might take place entirely in King's Landing for the first time in a while if not ever.

With Rhaenyra feeling like an outsider in her own home, Alicent and Otto Hightower, who are played by Olivia Cooke and Rhys Ifans, respectively, have convened to decide what to do next. As we've already mentioned, it's not in their best interests to put Rhaenyra on the throne. However, it's tradition for the king to name his heir. The last we heard, Viserys didn't exactly lose his crown from conquest.

House Of The Dragon Episode Preview
We're expecting nothing less than a bloody spectacle in House of the Dragon Episode 9.

As you might imagine, the contention of who should be sitting on the Iron Throne will drive the show's main conflict.

As the penultimate episode of House of the Dragon, it's time for the spin-off to kick things up into high gear.

The only unfortunate thing is that House of the Dragon won't return for its second season for a while. Although it's unconfirmed yet, it's believed that House of the Dragon won't start filming its second season until next year.

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