The Horizon TV show on Netflix has an official name

The live-action adaptation of Guerilla Games' Horizon series will be named Horizon 2074, hinting at the potential timeline of the show.

Slowly but surely, details about the live-action adaptation of Guerilla Games' Horizon series are starting to creep in. The latest intel we have is the official name of the Horizon TV show, which will premiere on Netflix sometime in the future.

Horizon Tv Show Netflix Official Name
Given the timeline, fans shouldn't expect to see Aloy in Horizon 2074.

According to Jeff Grubb, the Director's Guild of Canada has just updated its website to list "Horizon 2074" for filming in the Ontario area.

What's even more interesting about the new listing for Horizon 2074 is the pedigree of the 27 crew members "confirmed" for the show. The people behind the scenes that will work on Horizon 2074 have previous experience on The Boys, The Umbrella Academy, What We Do in the Shadows, as well as Star Trek Discovery.

TLDR; Netflix and Sony are serious about Horizon 2074.

It doesn't take a brilliant and talented scientist like Elisabet Sobeck to try and come up with a plausible theory as to what Horizon 2074 could be about. Since the games take place thousands of years into the future following a man-made cataclysmic event, the TV show could explore the events that eventually led to the two games. If you've played Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West before, you'll know exactly just how interesting the backstory of the planet is in the game.

With a potential storyline that could span decades if not centuries, Netflix can cover a lot of ground with its live-action adaptation. Even if there's not a lot of source material to work with, we don't think that will stop Netflix from coming up with original content.

Horizon Tv Show Netflix Official Name
If Guerilla Games can nail what many consider one of the best intros in all of gaming with Horizon Zero Dawn, we're confident that the crew for Horizon 2074 can do it as well.

Having said that, we shouldn't expect to see the Horizon TV adaptation for at least another year or two. After Sony revealed the show alongside adaptations of God of War and Gran Turismo, we've started to find out more details about the upcoming series. For example, the Gran Turismo show will reportedly have a plot and a tentative August 2023 release date. We also still have no clue what Amazon plans to do with God of War. Maybe it is still waiting on where the games are headed next after God of War: Ragnarok, which still does not have a launch date.

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