Horizon studio is working on a multiplayer game

It appears that Guerilla Games is going back to working on multiplayer titles once it's done with Horizon: Forbidden West.

Before the studio became famous for working on 2017's award-winning action RPG title, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and its upcoming sequel, Guerilla Games had a series of single-player shooters with a multiplayer component in the Killzone series. The FPS titles were popular and successful enough to see 4 mainline games and 2 spin-offs. However, this would all end after 2013's Killzone: Shadowfall. Afterward, Guerilla applied its penchant for making graphically beautiful games for PlayStation consoles to an exclusively single-player affair.

Fans are hoping that Guerilla Games' secret multiplayer project is a Killzone sequel.

With that said, this could all be changing soon. A slew of job listings suggests that Guerilla intends to go back on working on multiplayer titles soon.

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Is Guerilla working on a new Killzone game?

Despite the relatively lackluster reviews, 2013's Killzone: Shadowfall was actually praised for its multiplayer gameplay.

Several job postings on its official website suggest that the studio is hiring for a game with a big multiplayer focus. It's worth noting that none of the listings give much info about what kind of project the studio is hiring for. However, there's enough evidence to suggest that Guerilla is going back to multiplayer games. This is interesting since Sony was criticized earlier this year for focusing too much on single-player games.

Guerilla Games is part of PlayStation Studios. If it's working on a multiplayer game, it might mean that Sony wants to expand its portfolio. Of course, this is all speculation at this point. Neither Guerilla nor Sony has confirmed the unannounced multiplayer project. Besides, it's not unusual for games to fall through the cracks or so to speak, so it's best not to assume anything.

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Given Guerilla's pedigree, fans are excited to know more about the studio's next multiplayer project. Some are even suggesting that it's going to be a Killzone sequel, which we are all for after revisiting Killzone: Shadowfall earlier this year. There is also a chance that Guerilla is working on a multiplayer game based on the Horizon series.

Zero Dawn and Forbidden West are both set in an expansive universe that has the potential to anchor several spin-offs. A multiplayer title set in a post-apocalyptic world besieged by dinosaur-like machines isn't exactly a bad idea.

If the multiplayer title is set in the Horizon universe, it would be similar to Sucker Punch Productions' Ghost of Tsushima Legends, which was a huge success.

As for Forbidden West, Sony pushed the highly-anticipated sequel's release date back to February 18, 2022.

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