The latest Horizon Forbidden West trailer reveals all-star voice cast

Angela Basset and Carrie Anne Moss lend their voices to newly revealed characters in the latest Horizon Forbidden West trailer.

Fans are counting the days left until the release of Horizon Forbidden West on February 18. In the weeks leading up to the game's launch, Guerilla Games has done an excellent job teasing audiences of what's to come in Aloy's latest adventure. This time around, Guerilla just dropped a new story-focused trailer featuring the stellar voice cast of Forbidden West.

Forbidden West's story trailer reveals more of Aloy's adventure throughout a post-apocalyptic world.

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On top of its beautiful and expansive world filled with gigantic machines, one of Horizon Zero Dawn's biggest draws is the rich characters that populate the world. It doesn't hurt that a handful of fan favorites have lent their voices and likeness to certain people in the game. Case in point, Lance Reddick as Sylens, who initially appeared to help out Aloy in her journey only to take a heel turn, as teased in Zero Dawn's ending. However, the latest trailer focuses less on Reddick's Sylens, but on Carrie Ann Moss and Angela Basset's new roles for the sequel.

According to Game Informer's interview with Forbidden West narrative director Ben McCaw, Moss and Bassett's characters in the game play important roles. Basset, in particular, joins as an antagonist named Regalla in Forbidden West, who has her reasons for hating the Carja tribe. Meanwhile, the enigmatic character revealed at the end of the trailer is Moss' Tilda, who McCaw describes has a connection to GAIA.

GAIA is the supercomputer AI that helped bring on the destruction and subsequent restoration of human civilization before the events of 2017's Zero Dawn. According to McCaw, Tilda will have a "special connection to the ancient past."

Understandably, the developers are trying to keep the rest of Forbidden West's story under wraps. Tilda and Sylens, in particular, should play vital roles in Forbidden West. The latter might even end up being the "final boss" of sorts of the game. Of course, this is all just speculation.

Speaking of speculating, try to be careful about what you read about the story of Forbidden West online. It's believed that an early build of Forbidden West has already made its way online. Unless you prefer the story to be spoiled to you, keep a close eye on potential spoilers. The good news is that it's only going to be for a few weeks. Hopefully, you can avoid finding out crucial info about Forbbiden West before you get a chance to play the game yourself.

In other news, one leaker suggested that PlayStation might hold a State of Play event in early February in preparation for the launch of Forbidden West.

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