Next State of Play to Reveal Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay

Nearly a year since Sony first gave gamers a look at Horizon Forbidden West during one of its earlier PS5 showcases, audiences will finally get their chance to see Horizon Forbidden West gameplay footage in an upcoming State of Play event.

Even though a release date wasn't promised, it's still good news for those who want to see Horizon Forbidden West gameplay in action for the first time.

Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay Reveal on May 27

The next State of Play event will likely include more than just Horizon Forbidden West gameplay.

It now makes sense why Sony gave more players a chance to play as Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn as part of its Play at Home 2021 initiative.

Although it was already common knowledge that the sequel to Guerilla Games' action-adventure title was going to release in 2021, many expressed doubts as to whether this would indeed be the case. After all, numerous games have already been delayed this year.

This isn't to say that Forbidden West is going to release anytime soon. Sony has yet to reveal that much. However, featuring first-ever gameplay footage of the game as the next State of Play event is good news.

Previously, Sony held a State of Play event for another first-party title in Insomniac Games' Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. In the same event, Sony also revealed that Among Us would be headed to PlayStation consoles.

With that said, we can expect the next State of Play event to feature more than just Horizon Forbidden West gameplay.

For those that don't know, Forbidden West is a direct sequel to Zero Dawn. It will take place following the events of Aloy's journey that saw him put an end to HADES' machinations. However, at the end of Zero Dawn, we learn that HADES is still very much alive. It is still unknown if HADES will play a key role in the sequel. What we know of so far is that Forbidden West will take place in the titular area that reportedly encompasses post-apocalyptic versions of California, Utah, and Nevada.

If the name Forbidden West rings a bell, it is because it was mentioned previously in Zero Dawn. In particular, by the Norah High Matriarch, Teersa, who told Aloy that Rost, his adoptive father, had journeyed to the treacherous lands before when he tracked down and killed the bandits responsible for killing his daughter.

From what we can tell via the reveal trailer, it looks like Forbidden West will allow players to do more things compared to Zero Dawn. Case in point, we see Aloy diving underwater and interacting with new monsters, like a robot elephant.

Of course, more than the gameplay reveal, audiences will be looking forward to Forbidden West will continue Zero Dawn's story. The first-party title was released back in 2017 and received critical acclaim. Many praised Zero Dawn's blending of nature with futuristic technology. The game showed a human society that had devolved into tribes following a self-inflicted apocalyptic event that should remain central to the sequel's story.

If you're interested to watch the first-ever Horizon Forbidden West gameplay trailer, be sure to tune in on May 27. The countdown will start at 9:00 AM PT / 5:00 PM BST / 6:00 CEST. Meanwhile, the main event will start at 2:00 PM PT / 10:00 PM BST / 11:00 PM CEST.

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