Honkai: Star Rail is confirmed to release for PS5 on October 11

Honkai: Star Rail will make its way to the PS5 on October 11, five months after its initial release.

PS5 players eagerly awaiting the arrival of Honkai: Star Rail won't have to wait much longer. The arrival of Honkai: Star Rail on the PS5 shouldn't catch anyone off guard, as it was previously confirmed that a PS5 version was slated for release by the end of the year. The game has already been out on PC and mobile for almost 5 months.

Developed by the creators of the renowned titles Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd, Honkai: Star Rail, an anime-style turn-based RPG, is making its way to PS5 on October 11 as announced during the recent PlayStation State of Play showcase.

The PS5 version is expected to feature all the updates from the PC and mobile versions, thanks to its cross-platform compatibility.

Similar to Hoyoverse's other acclaimed titles (Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd), Honkai: Star Rail incorporates a gacha system, allowing players to acquire characters and weapons primarily through in-game "pulls." This entails wishing on a character event banner using in-game premium currency earned through gameplay or by making in-app purchases.

The PS5 launch coincides with the introduction of a new 5-star Destruction Ice character, Jingliu. This offers new players ample opportunities to acquire Star Rail Special Passes, which are used for wishing on event banners. 

Thankfully, Honkai: Star Rail offers plenty of content that will keep you engaged for months and help you acquire the passes needed to pull your favorite characters. If you're a meta player interested in raising the value of your account,  I strongly suggest considering the Jingliu banner when it debuts. It's also rumored to feature a 4-star Ice Nihility character, renowned for its defense shredder and enemy-debuffing abilities, making it an exceptional support choice for your DPS characters.

Jingliu's official character card revealed by Hoyoverse.

While Honkai: Star Rail is free to play, it offers a PS5 "pre-order" bundle for $10 that includes some exclusive rewards. But I would highly recommend saving your money as the bundle doesn't even have a ten pull. You can wish ten times on a banner to guarantee yourself a 4-star unit. The PS5 "pre-order" bundle for Honkai: Star Rail includes only two standard passes, which are not usable for wishing on exclusive event banners. So, in terms of in-game benefits, it may not provide significant value for players.

Here is a list of everything you get in this bundle:

  • Star Rail Pass x2
  • Credit ×150,000
  • Adventure Log ×80
  • Sparse Aether ×50
  • Trick Snack ×10
  • Diet Fried Rice ×10
  • Bottled Soda ×10
  • Life Transmitter ×10
PS5 Pre-Order Bundle.

To put it into perspective, you would require around 180 passes to secure a banner-exclusive 5-star character through wishing in the game. I believe investing in a monthly pass seems much wiser than splurging on this "pre-order" bundle. With a monthly pass, you receive 90 jades daily, which can be converted into passes.

160 Jades equals 1 pass, which is a single pull for you. In a month, you'll earn 2,700 jades (or 16 wishes). Other than that, you can also purchase the "Nameless Honor" battle pass that has plenty of rewards that are invaluable, given how many resources you actually need to level up a single unit in this game.

Despite the lackluster rewards in the pre-order bundle, the game itself promises hours of immersive gameplay. Hoyoverse is also giving the first 1 million users a free Lightcone for pre-registration, which, oddly enough, seems more enticing than the pre-order bundle.

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