The Boys' showrunner thinks Homelander would beat Superman in a fight

On paper, both Homelander and Superman are on equal footing, but Eric Kripke thinks that Homelander has an edge over the the Big Blue Boyscout.

The Boys' Homelander is perhaps the best example of what would happen if Superman used his powers for self-gain. He isn't necessarily evil in the sense that he wants to take over the world, but, he is a tyrant who will stop at nothing to get what he wants - the people in The Boys' universe are just lucky that he's not hell-bent on world domination. At least, not yet anyway.

Eric Kripke makes a valid point when he explained why Homelander would beat Superman in a fight.

Because of how unlike Homelander is to DC Comics' poster boy in terms of personality, yet is so similar in terms of power, fans have been wondering for a while what would happen if these two powerhouses ever duked it out to the death.

While it's not easy to answer this hypothetical question, The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke believes that Homelander could take out Superman.

How will Homelander defeat Superman?

At the end of the day, Superman is a good guy and Homelander is, well, not.

As the cape-wielding leader of the self-serving superhero team, The Seven, Homelander embodies everything that is wrong with superheroes in The Boys. On the other hand, Superman is a paragon of the superhero genre and is the standard against which pretty much every other superhero is measured. As the two are the most powerful heroes in their respective universes, it's only fair to wonder what would happen if these two fought.

According to a recent interview with The Illuminerdi, Kripke believes that Homelander would beat Superman in a fight. His reason? Homelander doesn't have a moral code. He described Anthony Starr's superhero as a "hardcore sociopath" who has "no problem ripping off Superman's testicles." He describes the fight as "kind of not a contest", which, to be fair, is a valid conclusion.

One of Superman's most underrated qualities is his ability to control himself and his strict moral code. The former is best exemplified in how he can live his day-to-day as Clark Kent without ripping someone's hands off whenever he shakes their hand. Meanwhile, Superman has proven time and time again that he won't kill his enemies unless necessary. He'll fight enemies straight up as if purposely holding himself back because he knows that he can kill almost anyone with a single punch if he puts his entire force behind it.

In comparison, Homelander doesn't have the same discretion. In The Boys' universe, Homelander has no problems killing people. Not to mention, he doesn't exactly have a fatal weakness, unlike Superman, who is laughably weak against kryptonite.

Homelander won't even hesitate to punch with all his might if he sensed that Superman was just as powerful as he is.

Coincidentally, this is the same reason why Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson thinks that Black Adam would beat Superman in a fight. Just like Homelander, Black Adam has a similar skillset to Superman but isn't afraid to fight dirty and resort to underhanded tactics. Both are ruthless killers in their respective universes. So, unless Superman suddenly decides to drop his moral code, which will probably never happen, he might lose.

Unfortunately, we'll never get a chance to see this fight happen on the small or big screen. Amazon Prime Video's TV series isn't likely to crossover with Marvel or DC anytime soon. The best chance of us seeing a fight like this is in Injustice 3 if NetherRealm Studios finds a way to bring some of The Boys' superheroes, including Homelander, into the game.

In other The Boys news, we recently saw Nick Wechsler's Blue Hawk join The Boys cast for Season 3. Prime Video still hasn't confirmed the release date for The Boys' third season.

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