An apologetic Homelander appears in the latest Seven on 7 episode

A breaking story featuring Homelander appears on the latest Seven on 7 where he asks US citizens to trust them after the issue with Stormfront.

The recently-crowned "Sexiest Hero Alive" and the poster boy of The Seven just went ahead and apologized to the citizens of the nation in a recent speech that was released by Vought News Network, The Boys' meta-esque in-universe news-based YouTube channel.

The Seven's leader just put on a mask in his latest speech.

Homelander shows off a different side on Seven on 7

What makes Homelander such a dangerous villain isn't his powers - it's his ability to maintain a near-perfect facade that he is a boys scout through and through.

Seven on 7's latest episode just dropped and it introduced everyone to the Blue Hawk. However, the new Supe isn't the only one that stood out from Vought News Network's flagship (only?) show. Homelander's speech saw the tyrannical superhero appear in public and "apologize" to the rest of the country as he addressed his actions back in Season 2.

The Seven's seemingly perfect leader noted how challenging the past year was and how it affected the public's trust in the superpowered group. Because of this, Homelander is apologizing as he referred to superheroes as "role models" that people can trust "in every circumstance" before declaring that he "will lead the charge" and rebuild the public's lost trust. Homelander ended his speech by saying, "I am here for you, and I always will be."

After losing Translucent early on in the show, Season 2 of The Boys brought in a new member for the Seven in Aya Cash's Stormfront.

The Supe, who was formerly known as Liberty, is an electrically charged being that can shoot off powerful plasmablasts. She's also got quite an affable personality, which has earned her a lot of fans over the years and initially, the envy of Homelander. However, as Homelander eventually learns, Stormfront is a former Nazi who has overly run a white supremacist operation over the years.

In a shocking twist of events, Homelander doesn't find himself repulsed by Stormfront. Instead, Homelander finds himself attracted to Stormfront as the two of them eventually start a romantic relationship, with Homelander even going as far as to introduce Stormfront to his illegitimate son, Ryan.

After a failed attempt to indoctrinate Homelander's son, Stormfront finds herself sent away to an undisclosed location after she is incapacitated by Ryan. Homelander is then forced to agree with Vought that Stormfront was the one responsible for all the assassinations behind the Compound V hearing.

It will be interesting to see what Homelander is scheming behind his public persona and what will happen in Season 3, overall.

Speaking of, we've known since September that The Boys Season 3 is already done filming. However, Amazon Prime Video refuses to announce a release date for the upcoming season. Instead, Vought News Network has stepped in to tide fans over with its monthly Seven on 7 episodes that parody real-life news shows. So far, we've learned more about Starlight's ex-boyfriend, Supersonic, as well as Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy.

Hopefully, Amazon Prime Video drops a release date for The Boys Season 3 just in time for Christmas. If not, then all audiences can do is to wait for the next Seven on 7 episode to drop in January next year.

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