Xbox Boss Reassures Fans of Holiday 2021 Halo Infinite Release Date

A Microsoft executive has confirmed that Halo Infinite is set for a holiday 2021 release on Xbox.

Halo Infinite is one of the most highly anticipated games in recent years. After 343 Industries opted to delay the game as a launch title for the Xbox Series S/X due to the backlash that its demo received when revealed in July last year, fans have been waiting for the studio to announce a clear release window for Halo Infinite.

It seems like Halo Infinite will stick to the series' traditional holiday release window.

While the latest piece of information about Halo Infinite doesn't exactly come from 343 Industries, it is from someone who's even more reputable, Phil Spencer himself.

Xbox Boss Confirms Late 2021 Release for Halo Infinite

It seems like the earlier leaks of a Holiday 2021 release date for Halo Infinite was correct.

The current Executive Vice-President of Gaming at Microsoft confirmed in a recent interview with Dropped Frames that Halo Infinite is still on track for a Holiday 2021 release.

According to Spencer, 343 Industries and Xbox don't have an exact day for Halo Infinite yet, and that they're waiting for "some other game timing". However, Spencer did tease that they will have "better clarity over the summer". This suggests that we should see a release date for Halo Infinite announced in a couple of months.

Now, as credible as Spencer is, the Holiday 2021 release date of Halo Infinite is still not set in stone. At this time, numerous factors could force 343 Industries to delay the game once again. The fear of releasing an incomplete product, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic, can all impede all the current development progress for Halo Infinite, a game that's already been delayed for almost a year.

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Thankfully, there's no sign of another Halo Infinite delay just yet.

If it's any consolation, there are a lot of games releasing on the Xbox Game Pass before then, all of them confirmed at E3 2021.

We recommend reading through our round-up for a better idea of all the games that are expected to hit Microsoft's video game subscription service.

Speaking of Halo Infinite, it seems like Xbox Brazil made a mistake over on Twitter. It recently "confirmed" that Halo Infinite will release on November 9. However, Forza Horizon 5 is set to launch on that day. The tweet has also since been deleted, so we're sure that it was just a mistake on Xbox Brazil's part.

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