Warner Bros "confirms" that Hogwarts Legacy will release in 2022

The "confirmation" comes amidst rumors that the open-world Harry Potter RPG won't be released this year.

Hogwarts Legacy has got to be one of the most highly anticipated games to be announced in recent memory.

Hogwarts Legacy Will Release In
Contrary to popular belief, Hogwarts Legacy is not in trouble.

An open-world RPG set in the wizarding franchise birthed by the controversial author J.K. Rowling, fans have been dying to know more about Hogwarts Legacy. Unfortunately, both the game's publisher and developer have remained mum about the status of the game ever since it was delayed from its original 2021 release date.

Now, in a recent tweet, Warner Bros might have just confirmed that Hogwarts Legacy will still be launched in 2022.

The latest word from the grapevine about Hogwarts Legacy is that the development team is going through a rough time. Because of this, Hogwarts Legacy isn't going to be released this 2022. However, two much more credible sources have since stepped forward to confirm that this isn't the case. The first one is AccNGT, the same user who previously hinted that a new Hogwarts Legacy trailer is coming soon. The other is a tweet from Warner Bros Brazil's official Twitter account.

The aforementioned official Twitter account recently published a series of tweets highlighting all the WB-published games scheduled to be released this year, including Hogwarts Legacy.

The evidence at hand is compelling, but things can always change. Hogwarts Legacy is not a small undertaking.  Of course, if Warner Bros ends up releasing Hogwarts Legacy this year, we're all for it. Then again, if Hogwarts Legacy is delayed, we wouldn't be totally surprised either.

Warner Bros is set to publish at least five big games this year. The first one is Gotham Knights by Warner Bros Montreal, which was already delayed from its original release date. The second is Rocksteady's Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Then, there's Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga by Traveller's Tales and Player First Games' Multiversus. When you add Hogwarts Legacy, Warner Bros' schedule this year is packed. Perhaps this would also explain why Warner Bros hasn't given the said games proper release dates.

At the end of the day, everything that you have just read (except for Warner Bros' tweets) is mere speculation. Here's to hoping that the rumors about Sony's next State of Play are true, just so we can finally know more about Hogwarts Legacy.

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