Hogwarts Legacy gets a massive new trailer ahead of holiday launch

The latest Hogwarts Legacy trailer will make you want to wish you had Time-Turner on hand.

All hail Autodesk, the revealer of Hogwarts Legacy info.

Hogwarts Legacy Trailer Ahead Holiday Launch
Hogwarts Legacy is shaping up to be a massive game that could spawn an entire new franchise.

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most highly anticipated games coming out this year. Since it was revealed in September 2020, fans have been dying for a chance to play the Harry Potter project. Unfortunately, WB Games delayed Hogwarts Legacy in early 2021 to give Avalanche Software more time to work on the game.

Thankfully, WB Games has slowly been lifting the lid over privy Hogwarts Legacy details ever since the calendar year turned. Case in point, we got a full State of Play showcase dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy and a release window, courtesy of PlayStation, back in March.

Fast forward to today and we just got a more extensive look at the newest Wizarding World adventure.

Hogwarts Legacy Trailer Ahead Holiday Launch
Technically, Hogwarts Legacy still doesn't have a release window.

Avalanche Software presented Hogwarts Legacy at Autodesk's recent two-day Virtual Vision series. The team behind the game took the time to talk about the technical aspects and development pipeline of Hogwarts Legacy. YouTuber BNS_Victory [LEEUW] posted the entire thing online for everyone else to see, albeit the video quality leaves a lot to be desired. Despite this, the grainy Hogwarts Legacy footage does have some gems. Case in point, there's one moment where two students attempt to rescue a Hippogriff held captive by what we presume are dark wizards.

This might be the closest that we'll get to more Hogwarts Legacy info in a while. The good news is that we can safely look forward to more later this month or in August.

According to a trusted industry insider, Sony is planning to hold a State of Play showcase in a few weeks. However, if we go by PlayStation's usual timeline, a September State of Play is more likely. This should make for a full circle moment as Hogwarts Legacy was first unveiled two years ago at another September State of Play showcase. But, this is assuming that WB Games did not delay the game again.

At the moment, Hogwarts Legacy has a holiday 2020 release window, but some suggest that it could come out on December 6 due to info found in a tie-in art book.

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