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Hogwarts Legacy outsells all but FIFA in Europe

Hogwarts Legacy currently ranks sixth in the biggest launch ever in Europe, ranked behind five FIFA titles.

It wouldn't surprise us if Hogwarts Legacy ends up selling around 30-40 million copies in its first year on the market.

Very few games come close to how big Hogwarts Legacy has been. The best part is that it hasn't even fully launched yet. Hogwarts Legacy should sell more units once it's out on the PS4 and Xbox One as well as the Switch.

Even so, it's still pretty amazing to hear just how many copies are being sold.

Case in point, a report from outlined that Hogwarts Legacy is the biggest game ever to launch in Europe since 2017. This means that its numbers are better than The Last of Us Part II, every Call of Duty entry in the last six years, Red Dead Redemption 2, and last year's chart-topper, Elden Ring.

The only game to sell more than Hogwarts Legacy in Europe is the five FIFA installments that have come out since tracking began in 2017, and that isn't exactly a knock on Hogwarts Legacy.

In Europe, football, the sport's governing body, and the franchise named after the governing body of the sport, are the holy trinity of untouchables.

TLDR; Hogwarts Legacy is huge everywhere.

We're hoping Warner Bros. Games doesn't milk Hogwarts Legacy for all its worth and focus on quality over quantity.

Elsewhere, the sales data shows that HBO's The Last of Us has made a huge impact on The Last of us Part I and The Last of Us Part II. Earlier, we reported that The Last of Us Part I enjoyed a huge boost in sales because of the TV series. Apparently, this trend has continued and extended to The Last of Us Part II, which saw the controversial sequel become the seventh-best-selling game of February due to a 315% jump in sales.

Warner Bros. Discovery hasn't given us an update about the game's sales since it sold 12 million copies in two weeks. This trajectory puts it on track to post all-time sales numbers, possibly ecllipsing Elden Ring, which sold 20 million copies within 12 months of launching.

As we've already mentioned, Hogwarts Legacy is yet to roll out on the PS4 and the Xbox One as well as the Nintendo Switch.

When you consider that arguably more Potterheads are on the said platforms than the PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series S/X combined, it wouldn't surprise us if Hogwarts Legacy breaks past the 30 million mark before the year ends. Of course, this all hinges on whether Avalanche Software can polish Hogwarts Legacy enough to run well on the older consoles.

Warner Bros. is currently teasing a potential DLC, sequels, and a TV adaptation of Hogwarts Legacy following its success.

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