Hogwarts Legacy goes full Slytherin with Gamescom 2022 trailer

Hogwarts Legacy's appearance at Gamescom 2022 shed light on what happens if players dabbled in the dark arts.

The open-world Harry Potter RPG, Hogwarts Legacy, lets players do everything they want and then some. Of course, it wouldn't be a complete experience if players couldn't dabble with the Dark Arts. Although Warner Bros. confirmed in earlier statements that this was all possible, it still feels different seeing it all unfold. At Gamescom 2022, the latest Hogwarts Legacy trailer answered all the questions Potterheads might have about the forbidden realm of magic.

Hogwarts Legacy Gamescom Trailer
Hogwarts Legacy will force players to make some tough and possibly gruesome choices.

Check out the Gamescom 2022 trailer for Hogwarts Legacy below to see what we mean:

The Dark Arts is considered taboo and practically illegal in the Harry Potter universe. These harmful and malicious spells are commonly associated with the Death Eaters, the group of powerful and influential wizards who followed if not worshiped Lord Voldemort.

In the latest Hogwarts Legacy trailer, we're treated to a very familiar spell, Crucio, otherwise known as the Cruciatus Curse.

The Crucio cast by the player in Hogwarts Legacy looks far more menacing and evil, which is a cue for players to run in the other direction. But, what good would a Harry Potter story be if there's no darkness in it? The grim side of Hogwarts Legacy will take players down on some bleak paths as the trailer gives you the option to join the dark side or reject it. There's even a point in the trailer where you're encouraged to use the Crucio curse on your friend, Sebastian Sallow, which all but guarantees that Hogwarts Legacy will not be as family-friendly as the source material.

It's safe to assume that we'll see options like this open up throughout Hogwarts Legacy. If nothing else, this all guarantees that Hogwarts Legacy will be one of the frontrunners for GOTY next year.

Hogwarts Legacy Gamescom Trailer
The more we see of Hogwarts Legacy, the more excited we are for its release next year.

Hogwarts Legacy was originally meant to come out this holiday season. Most assumed that the development was going well as Hogwarts Legacy got a massive new trailer for the Virtual Vision series by Autodesk. Unfortunately, the developers, Avalanche Software, felt like it needed more time to work on the game.

As a result, Hogwarts Legacy will now come out in February. This pits it against a stacked lineup that includes Starfield, Forspoken, and Midnight Suns, among several others.

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