Hogwarts Legacy game length revealed

The main campaign will take about 35 hours to finish, and getting 100% completion will take about 70 hours.

Hogwarts Legacy is arguably the biggest game of the year. It was nominated 'Most Anticipated Game' at last year's The Game Awards and is already the best-selling game on Steam a month before it comes out on February 10.

hl game length

The recently revealed PC specs surprised several gamers due to the huge 85GB storage space required to install the game, but now we understand why after a new report disclosed the length of Hogwarts Legacy.

According to a Reddit user replying to the new leak, players will spend about 35 hours completing the main campaign of Hogwarts Legacy and 70 hours to achieve 100% completion. The latter timeline includes navigating through the open world to find and complete any side quests that are available.

Furthermore, the PlayStation edition of Hogwarts Legacy will have an exclusive quest, which means those who play on the PS4 and PS5 will need more than the previously indicated number of hours to complete the game. However, the length of the game still pales in comparison to a similar RPG, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which requires about 173 hours to obtain 100% completion.

Although the official game length is yet to be revealed, Warner Bros. Games has published the official details regarding the performance modes available on the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles. Hogwarts Legacy will run at 60 fps in Performance Mode and 30 fps in the visually appealing Fidelity Mode.

hl runtime
A Twitter user leaked the game's official art book.

On February 10, PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S players can start their Hogwarts campaign, followed by PS4 and Xbox One owners on April 4, and Nintendo Switch owners on July 25.

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