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Developers confirm that Hogwarts Legacy DLC is "not currently planned"

Avalanche Software was apparently so busy launching Hogwarts Legacy that it didn't have time to plan DLC content.

Potterheads will have to wait for at least half a year for Avalanche to even think about releasing post-launch content for Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy feels like it's primed for an expansion or two. Unfortunately, while the post-launch content for the open-world Wizarding World game might come, don't expect it anytime soon.

Game director, Alan Tew, confirmed the disappointing news while speaking at IGN Fan Fest, saying:

We've been really heads down bringing [Hogwarts Legacy] to life, so at the moment, there are no curent plans for DLC.

Hogwarts Legacy was met with positive reviews from critics when it launched earlier this month and this was a fact that was reflected in the game's sales. In fact, Hogwarts Legacy outsold Elden Ring despite the controversies behind the award-winning author of the Wizarding World, J.K. Rowling.

Hogwarts Legacy is an early contender for GOTY 2023.

Given that Hogwarts Legacy still hasn't technically been released on all the planned platforms yet, you really can't blame it on the studio if it wants to focus on what's important first. Hogwarts Legacy is also in need of minor tweaking and fixing, which will likely eat up valuable manpower and resources. It might be a while before Avalanche can think about what's next for Hogwarts Legacy.

The good news is that the open-world nature of Hogwarts Legacy and the game's robust modding community should tide audiences over until such DLC arrives.

For now, you can try unlocking the Platinum trophy of Hogwarts Legacy first.

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