Hogwarts Legacy tops nearly one billion dollars in revenue since February 10

The perfect storm of controversy, a decent open-world game, and a fervent fanbase resulted in one of the best-selling games in recent memory.

Last year's Game of the Year winner, Elden Ring, took close to three months to become FromSoftware's best-selling game with 13.4 million units sold. Hogwarts Legacy, which is widely considered the front-runner for this year's GOTY award, has sold nearly as much in two weeks.

Hogwarts Legacy's sales is a lot higher than even the biggest Potterheads would've expected.

Hogwarts Legacy was guaranteed to sell well before it came out, but we're only just seeing a clearer picture of how many people are buying it on the PS5, Xbox Series S/X and the PC.

In a report by Variety, Hogwarts Legacy is claimed to have sold 12 million units in two weeks, pulling in at least $850 million in revenue despite being limited to just three platforms.

In comparison, last year's best-selling game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, set a new franchise record by earning at least $1 billion in retail sales in 10 days.

Keep in mind that Modern Warfare 2 was released on both current-gen and last-gen platforms (by the way, rumors claim that Call of Duty 2024 will do the same as well).

Hogwarts Legacy could very well help generate more interest in the Wizarding World franchise.

You can only imagine just how much more Hogwarts Legacy could have sold since February 10 if it had a universal release date across multiple platforms. As it is, the PS4 and Xbox One versions will come later this year, followed by the Switch port.

With that said, it's clear that Hogwarts Legacy benefitted from the free publicity generated by the controversy surrounding the Wizarding World creator, J.K. Rowling. The official term for this is the Streisand Effect, which is a term coined after the American actress and singer, Barbra Streisand, who ended up drawing more attention to her cliff-top Malibu residence when she attempted to prevent it from spreading.

At this point, Hogwarts Legacy is all but guaranteed to get at least one more expansion and a sequel in the future.

It'll be interesting to see just how many units Hogwarts Legacy will end up selling once it's out on all platforms.

For now, try not to get your hopes too high up for a DLC. Avalanche Software clarified there are no plans to release DLC for Hogwarts Legacy. But, we're pretty sure the studio will circle back to that idea once Hogwarts Legacy has been out on all platforms. Ignoring the potential sales of a half-decent DLC for Hogwarts Legacy is as ludicrous as the spell Rictumsempra.

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