Hitman 3 Is Getting a Seven Deadly Sins Expansion

Just when we thought that IO Interactive didn't have any more surprises up its sleeve, Hitman 3 is getting itself a brand-new DLC in the form of the Seven Deadly Sins Expansion, which is a paid multi-part DLC for Hitman 3.

Thanks to the latest expansion, Hitman 3 will have a steady stream of new content scheduled for the rest of 2021.
Thanks to the latest expansion, Hitman 3 will have a steady stream of new content scheduled for the rest of 2021.

As the name suggests, the new collection is composed of seven new content packs with each one based on themes surrounding the 7 capital vices. Each content pack will come with a brand new contract and a sin-themed unlockable item that players can use throughout the Hitman trilogy.

When is The Seven Deadly Sins Expansion Release Date?

The announcement of the Seven Deadly Sins expansion comes less than a month after IO Interactive revealed the March roadmap for Hitman 3.

The latest Hitman 3 expansion will follow an episodic release, with the first Act, Greed, launching on March 30. It will have players fly to Dubai once again to complete a new Escalation contract in The Greed Enumeration.

What's different this time around is that players will also be able to carry items from one stage of the Escalation to another. Also, the new expansion will have multiple unlockable items. This includes the golden rapacious Suit and more.

Unfortunately, IO Interactive has yet to release pricing details for the Seven Deadly Sins expansion. However, they did clarify that players will have options when it comes to buying the DLC. They can either buy each new Season of Sin as it's added to the game or they can buy the entire Seven Deadly Sins collection for a lower price.

What’s Next for Hitman 3?

For a finale to the recent Hitman trilogy reboot, IO Interactive seems intent to keep Hitman 3 going for as long as they can.

With that said, fans and players of Hitman 3 need not worry about upcoming content with a new paid DLC coming. IO Interactive clarified that the monthly Hitman roadmap is still available for free to all players with the usual content exclusive only to Deluxe Edition owners.

However, IO Interactive did state that they will adjust the monthly set-up to make way for the arrival of each Season of Sin. They also added that a Season of Sin could last anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks. This suggests that Hitman 3's new paid expansion could very well last for at least 7 months if not longer.

Players can expect to see the full content roadmap for Season of Greed released on April 5.

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