Hitman 3 March Roadmap: Seasonal Event, Deluxe Escalations, and More

Hitman 3 seems to be the gift that just keeps on giving.

Hitman March Roadmap
You can get your hands on this outfit by taking part in Hitman 3's first-ever seasonal event.

After an already bonkers single-player campaign with a secret ending that teased the possibility that the entire trilogy of Hitman games was actually a sequel, IO Interactive went on to reveal their March roadmap for the game and its, well, something, to say the least.

Scroll down below to learn more about what IO Interactive has planned for Hitman 3 this March.

What’s New for Hitman 3 This March?

Just like back in February, the game's developers and publishers gave players a detailed breakdown of what to expect from Hitman 3 in March. They also added in some bonus content for those who bought the Deluxe Edition of Hitman 3.

March 4 - The Lesley Celebration (Escalation Contract)

Already out since March 4, the Lesley Celebration is an escalation contract that sees players weave their way through the claustrophobic streets of a Berlin nightclub as they attempt to take down and assassinate a number of VIPs.

As is the case with previous escalation contracts, the newest one requires players to adhere to a specific set of objectives and restrictions to neutralize a list of enemies. This helps add an extra layer of challenge that keeps the game interesting.

More importantly, after completing the escalation contract, the entire thing will increase in difficulty as well. This helps up the stakes and makes it perfect for Hitman 3's core audience, who are most often up for a challenge.

March 11 - Chongqing (Featured Contracts)

At the moment, details are scarce regarding the featured contracts for March. However, what we do know is that it will take place somewhere in Chongqing. But, if we're sure of one thing, IOI knows how to keep things interesting and fresh, so be sure to watch out for this featured contract when it drops on March 11.

March 19 to 29 - The Stowaway (Isle of Gail Elusive Target)

On March 19, players can head on over to Isle of Sgàil to kick off the latest elusive target contract to hit Hitman 3.

As is the case with previous elusive target contracts, these contracts help up the ante by giving players just one shot at completing their missions. If they fail and the target escapes, then they'll have no way to redo it again.

If it's any consolation, just like previous similar contracts, the entire event will last for 10 days.

March 25 - Mendoza (Featured Contracts)

Not much is known about the Mendoza contract for March 25, but we do know that it's by Eurogamer.

March 30 - The Satu Mare Delirium (Deluxe Escalation)

Exclusive to the Deluxe Edition owners is the Satu Mare Delirium Deluxe contract.

This mission will reportedly take inspiration from Agent 47's first escape itself with players tasked to break themselves out of a prison. Successfully navigating your way out of the large complex will reward players with a "Straight Jacket" costume, a "Taunton Dart Gun", and a "Straight Jacket Belt".

March 30 to April 12 - Berlin Egg Hunt (Seasonal Event)

Starting on March 30, players in Hitman 3 can take part in The Berlin Egg Hunt, and yes, it's exactly what it sounds like.

In arguably one of the most absurd missions in Hitman 3, players will have to look for various eggs hidden all across Berlin. However, there is a catch - you can't just explore as you please. There'll be guards patrolling the area, so you'll have to be sneaky and/or lethal as you go about your egg-hunting ways.

IOI promises that they'll be revealed more details regarding the game's first seasonal event ever soon.

Other Important Hitman 3 News

In addition to what we've already laid out, the developers are also applying another patch to Hitman 3, to help resolve existing issues and improve the gameplay experience, while preparing the game for future content.

As a bonus, players will also be able to unlock "The Tactical Turtleneck" outfit anytime this March. All they have to do is to complete "The Final Test" mission at the ICA Facility.

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