Hitman 3: Grapes of Wrath Challenge Guide

Hitman 3 is one of those games whose plot and tone are all over the map. You can play challenges where you’re tasked with taking out three targets from a radio tower with a sniper rifle, and in the same day play a challenge where you have to make an NPC slip on a bundle of grapes like he’s in a Charlie Chaplin skit. This is that challenge.

Hitman Grapes Of Wrath

Grapes of Wrath is a Challenge included in The Farewell, a mission in Mendoza. It adds a touch of cartoonish whimsy to the mission with a singular goal – make an NPC slip on a bundle of grapes from the vineyard.

Getting to the Vineyard

You don’t need any fancy equipment for this challenge – the most helpful thing that you can bring with you is coins. You can start at any starting point: the Vineyard Starting Location if you’ve unlocked it, the Parking Lot, or the original Winery Viewpoint starting location. If you’re starting in either the Parking Lot or the Winery Viewpoint, you can get to the Vineyard by taking a trail that runs from the east side of the Parking Lot – the entrance has a cactus on either side of it. Avoid dropping down to the lower level of this trail and follow it to the right. At the fork, take a left and take cover in the bluegrass.

Follow this trail down to the vineyard
Follow this trail down to the vineyard

At this point, the thing that is going to help you the most is a guard’s disguise. If you’re a veteran Hitman 3 player, you know what to do – toss a coin to distract them, take them out, and steal their clothes. After you’ve done this, you can go down the stairs into the Vineyard.

Getting Your Tools

When you get to the Vineyard, head straight into the building at the centre. Inside, sitting next to some lab equipment, you will find the grape knife that you’re going to need to cut some grapes off the vines. Make sure that no one sees you take this knife, or it will get you into some trouble. After you’ve got the tool you need, you can leave the building – now you need to find some grapes. This is simple enough if you use Agent 47’s Instinct ability – it will lead you right to some grapes that are ripe for some chaos.

Grab the grape knife from the shed in the vineyard
Grab the grape knife from the shed in the vineyard

Great! You now have the grapes and can proceed to set up your cartoonish antics.

Executing Your Plan

The first step in finally unleashing your grape-flavoured mayhem is creating a distraction. Use your trusty coins for this one, or you can use other distraction items that are located around the Vineyard, such as generators. It doesn’t matter who you target – they can be a Vineyard worker or any other NPC passing by.

When your intended victim comes to investigate the distraction you created, you need to place the grapes you collected directly in their path. This is the tricky part, because you can’t just drop them or throw them – you have to use the "Place" command (L1+R1 on PlayStation, LB+RB on Xbox, or E on PC) to gently place them on the ground. And even if you manage to place them correctly, the NPC might not hit them in the right way to make them slip. You might need to give it a couple of tries.

Place the grape vine on the ground and wait
Place the grapevine on the ground and wait

Additionally, the NPC must slip on the grapes. You can’t just throw the grapes at them or hit them over the head with the bushel. They have to complete a Chaplin-esque slip.


Once you watch your hapless victim fall into your trap, you are officially rewarded your XP for the Grapes of Wrath Challenge! Congratulations on your masterful guidance of Agent 47’s foray into cartoon villainy.

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