Hitman 3 February Roadmap: Deluxe Escalations and Elusive Targets

We all knew that a Hitman 3 DLC was coming eventually, and just like clockwork, IO Interactive has detailed everything that's coming to Hitman 3 in February.

Hitman February Roadmap

What’s Coming to Hitman 3?

In their Hitman 3 February roadmap, IO Interactive has set out everything that players can look forward to, from new contracts, deluxe escalations, as well as elusive targets, making for more ways to see the world of Hitman 3 and even more ways to take out targets.

Here's a list of everything IO Interactive announced in their Hitman 3 February roadmap.

February 4 - The Baskerville Escalation

Raise your hands if you're not particularly fond of the Carlisle family.

In this escalation challenge, that's actually been out for a couple of days already, the game tasks you to book a return trip to Thornbridge Manor where you'll have to wipe out this pompous clan from the face of the planet.

Of course, as is always the case, things aren't so simple, as you'll have to make it look like they all died from accidents.

Good luck!

February 11 - MinnMax Dubai Featured Contracts

Entertain yourselves with these custom-made objectives created by the madmen over at MinnMax as you take a trip to Dubai once again.

February 18 - The Sinbad Stringent Escalation

In arguably the most unique escalation challenge of this update, this one tasks players to try and test aim by throwing knives at swinging boxes.

If it's any consolation though, IO does promise some kind of surprise waiting inside each box.

Considering that they've always been good for the money, it's best that we brush up on our knife-throwing skills as soon as we can.

February 23 - Multiple Game Updates

If you were to single out a date this February, circle this one.

Multiple updates are set to hit Hitman 3 on February 23, which includes some featured contracts by Kinda Funny in Dartmoor.

Also, if you happened to have a Deluxe Edition copy of Hitman 3, you'll get to new exclusive deluxe escalations in The Proloff Parable and the Gauchito Antiquity.

In the former, you'll have to wear the White Shadow ninja garb, and armed with the White Katana and the White Sieger 300 sniper rifle, you'll have to eliminate all targets before the time is up while aboard a train in the Carpathian Mountains. In the latter, you're tasked with poisoning all of your targets as you wear the Guru suit.

February 26 - The Deceivers Sapienza Elusive Target

The first set of elusive targets in Hitman 3 will arrive on February 26 and will be in the game for 12 days until March 8.

Set in the Sapienza map from Hitman 1, players will have nearly two weeks to take out two Deceivers before they vanish from the game permanently.

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