Hitman 3: Data, Levels And Progress Transfer Guide

One of the big selling points of Hitman 3 was backwards compatibility with Hitman 2 progress and levels, allowing you to transfer over data from the previous game and play through its missions with the visual and technical improvements of the sequel. We're here to show you how exactly you can do this.

Hitman 3: Data, Levels And Progress Transfer Guide

What can you transfer to Hitman 3?

Hitman 3: Data, Levels And Progress Transfer Guide
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While there's a lot of content you can't bring over to Hitman 3, the data you can transfer is still surprisingly plentiful. Since all of the maps and missions from Hitman and Hitman 2 are present in the game files of Hitman 3 and available to owners of the previous games, it makes sense to offer players a way to carry over their progress - or at least some of it - too.

Here's what you can transfer:

  • Player profile
  • Lifetime XP
  • Location mastery levels
  • Location mastery unlocks
  • Challenge progress
  • Challenge unlocks
  • Elusive Target suits

Your actual saves themselves cannot be transferred though, which is all the more reason to give the old missions another spin and check them out with the new visuals. Note that this is a one-time transfer, and can only be done within the same platform ecosystem. You can transfer on PC, you can transfer between a PlayStation 4 and a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox One and an Xbox Series X/S.

You can't transfer from PC to any console, or from any PlayStation to any Xbox or vice versa. It's also worth noting that if you initiate a transfer after having started playing Hitman 3, your progress will be completely wiped, so if you're going to transfer, do it before you start playing. Also, if you own Hitman and Hitman 2, a transfer isn't required to access their respective content in Hitman 3 - the transfer only takes over your unlocks and progress.

How to transfer your data to Hitman 3

Hitman 3: Data, Levels And Progress Transfer Guide
The game does offer this prompt, but the actual process happens in a browser.

The Hitman 3 data transfer doesn't happen in-game at all, but rather through IO Interactive's website. Since even playing Hitman 3 requires you to have an account here, we're going to assume you do. You'll need to link your IO Interactive account with your game platform accounts, like your PSN, Steam, Microsoft, EGS or Stadia accounts.

You can then kick off the data transfer at profile.hitman.com with an easy process that lets you review the progress you'll carry over before it is finalized. Simple as that - next time you boot up Hitman 3, your transferred data will be there waiting.

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