Hideo Kojima will not unveil a new VR game at the Tokyo Game Show

As it turns out, Kojima's appearance at the Tokyo Game Show is more for promotion than an announcement.

Hideo Kojima is a busy man. Nearly a decade after leaving Konami, Kojima has come out with a new genre-bending IP, Death Stranding, which is getting a sequel, as well as a game in partnership with Microsoft. In addition to this, Kojima led many of us to believe that he'll be revealing a new VR experience at the Tokyo Game Show this weekend. However, upon further investigation, it appears that we were all getting excited for nought.

Hideo Kojima Not Unveil New Vr Game Tokyo Game Show
There are very few hallways in gaming as iconic as the original entrance to Kojima Productions.

Well, technically, Kojima will have something to show at the Tokyo Game Show - it's just not going to be a new game.

According to Kojima, Kojima Productions will not be revealing a new game at the Tokyo Game Show. Instead, the VR project he was talking about in an earlier tweet is going to be a "VR experience" that will recreate the digitally preserved hallway of the Kojima Productions HQ.

Hideo Kojima Not Unveil New Vr Game Tokyo Game Show
We're still waiting on an official announcement for Death Stranding 2.

For what it's worth, you can't exactly blame fans for jumping at the chance to find out more about Kojima's next game; the enigmatic video game auteur tends to speak in riddles.

What's not up in the air is that Kojima is working on at least two games at the moment. As we've already mentioned, Death Stranding 2 is in development. Norman Reedus blurted out details of the sequel last year before doing it again a few months back. Kojima is currently working on what appears to be a cloud-based game for the Xbox consoles, which was first revealed at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase in June.

If you'd like to know more about the thought process of a Kojima, you can check out his podcast on Spotify, Brain Structure.

As for the Tokyo Game Show, Sony will have a significant presence at the upcoming showcase by way of the PSVR2.

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