Hideo Kojima has a "radical project" planned for 2022

Hideo kicked in 2022 by confirming that he's set to start working on a "radical" new project.

Hideo Kojima is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. The video game auteur is one of the few bright minds in the gaming industry who isn't afraid to take risks and experiment. Case in point, his latest title, 2019's Death Stranding, was a highly divisive title but earned a sizable niche among PlayStation owners that only grew bigger once the game was ported over to the PC.

Some believe that Kojima's next project has something to do with Silent Hills.

Given his penchant for experimental but beloved games, you can't blame gamers for always keeping an eye on what piques Kojima's curiosity next.

For 2022, it appears that Kojima is working on a rather "radical" project.

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What kind of game is Kojima working on next?

Many fans still can't get over how Kojima's departure from Konami effectively killed the Metal Gear franchise.

Fans have speculated about Kojima's next project pretty much since Kojima Productions released Death Stranding in 2019. Even the announcement of Death Stranding: Director's Cut earlier this year didn't help kill such talk.

Although it probably doesn't help that many continue to believe that the PS5-exclusive game, Abandoned, is a Kojima game in disguise even though the developers, BLUE BOX Game Studios, have since confirmed that it is not a horror game.

With that said, Kojima now fueled such speculation himself by confirming that he is working on something different for 2022.

Using the same art that was speculated to be from his new game, Kojima tweeted that he and his studio will "move to the next level of experimentation with a radical project." He then ended his statement by saying that he might start working on a "radio project" next.

Because this is Kojima we're talking about, the tweet is as cryptic as it comes. However, using the word "radical" and "radio" does seem familiar. Radios were a huge part of the Metal Gear franchise. Not to mention, one of the original plans for the canceled Silent Hills game involved using emails and smartphones so that the game could continue "haunting" players even when they were no longer playing the game.

Of course, we should know better by now to think that we can ascertain what Kojima's plans are. The man himself probably doesn't know what's going to happen with his next project.

Ultimately, what we can guarantee is that there are hundreds of thousands of gamers around the world who are waiting for Kojima to announce more details. Until then, Kojima fans can replay some of his best games.

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