How to Hide in the Salt in Fortnite Season 5

At the conclusion of Fortnite's last season, Marvel star Galactus ate the entire map, and the game was unavailable for a while, mimicking the downtime following the black hole event from the first time Epic Games pulled this stunt.

The universe has recovered, and the Island rematerialized with a number of changes - some of which allow you to hide from enemy players in new ways. Here's how.

Salty Towers' New Environment

It's rough an irritating and it gets everywhere.

One of the most notable changes that occurred to the Island is the return of early Fortnite staple and fan favorite location Tilted Towers. In keeping with the punny name reference, it has been renamed Salty Towers in reference to the heaps of said substance covering most of the area.

The salt isn't just a new design shtick to make an old area seem different and fresh, but also a new game mechanic that will make battles in Salty Towers a whole lot more interesting!


The new substance covering the area will make Salty Towers a haven for players who enjoy ambushing their opponents, and we're sure it's going to make good on its name in more ways than one. As long as you are running across the mounds of salt, everything will be business as usual.

However, standing still on a salt covered surface for a few seconds will lead you to become submerged in it, allowing you to move around all contiguous salty areas concealed. The only thing visible will be a small bump in the salt, but it should be hard enough to spot in the chaos of an on-going battle, or if you stay still.

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This is what Epic is using players' salty tears for.

The area in which you can use the salt gimmick is fairly limited, but being in a fan favorite location and near the center of the map makes it a combat hot zone, so we're sure a lot of players will get quite a bit of use out of this new feature. Maybe there is some highly obscure easter egg that can be only discovered when undersalt?

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