The recent heat wave just forced Henry Cavill to upgrade his PC

According to The Witcher actor, his AIO decided to "give up" on him.

When he's not busy slaying monsters as Geralt of Rivia or going toe to toe against galaxy-level threats like Zod or Steppenwolf, Henry Cavill likes to spend his lazy days just like the rest of us gamers - slaving over an often hot PC gaming rig.

Henry Cavill is probably the only PC gamer who'll go viral for upgrading his PC.

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With the recent rise in temperatures around the world, plenty of people are having difficulty adjusting. But, it's not just us that are having a hard time. All of our devices also suffer from excessive heat.

For example, Henry Cavill just posted an update on his Instagram account about the top-of-the-line PC that he built himself and shared with the rest of the world. After a few years of travel and, quite possibly, excessive use, the PC's All-In-One Cooler, which is responsible for keeping the PC's processor cool under load, decided to "give up" on him.

So, Mr. Witcher himself decided to channel his inner nerd and replaced the AIO himself.

We're pretty sure a lot of guys (and gals) are looking forward to Cavill's next PC building video.

From what we can tell, Cavill has replaced his older AIO cooler with the NZXT Kraken Z73. It is one of the top-performing AIO coolers on the market. But, Cavill wasn't content using the stock fans. Instead, Cavill swapped them out for some Noctuas. The Austrian company has a reputation for two things: quality PC cooling equipment and a theme-busting color scheme. Noctua's brown and tan designs are more of an acquired taste, but they get the job done better than everything else on the market. Cavill then ended his update with a close-up of his newly upgraded gaming machine.

It's clear that Cavill isn't your typical gamer. You can see just how much work he put to build the PC himself, including doing cable management.

The final close-up reveals a rather mismatched high-performance build where the Noctuas stand out among the black and grey colors of the rest of the system. But, you know what they say, "your rig, your rules."

Speaking of Cavill, the Justice League actor had contracted COVID-19 recently and it seems like he's enjoying his time in isolation. Meanwhile, fans were recently disappointed to find out that Cavill might not have a cameo in the upcoming DCEU film, Black Adam. But, if it's any consolation, Ben Affleck's involvement in Aquaman does open the door to a potential Cavill comeback.

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