Henry Cavill May Be Working on a Mass Effect Series

I don't know if you could identify what shirt I'm wearing in my profile picture, but I'm a diehard fan of Superman. Due to this, I'm also a big fan of Henry Cavill, the (I hope) current Superman of the movies.

Henry Cavill Mass Effect Featured
Clark Kent, Geralt of Rivia, Sherlock Holmes and now possibly Commander Shepard. He is the happiest gamer alive.

Henry Cavill is no stranger to the world of video games. After all, the actor has already played the mutant Geralt in Netflix's The Witcher series. But it looks like the star has yet another big role inspired by successful RPGs on the way, like a possible Mass Effect adaptation!

The rumor started when Henry Cavill himself posted on his personal Instagram a photo of himself during the makeup process in a studio. Since the original image was very blurry, it was hard to see exactly what he was holding:

Henry Cavill Mass Effect Instagram
He knew the Internet would find a way to remove the blur, right?

"Secret project? Or just a handful of paper with random words on it... Guess you'll have to wait and see." teased the bulky actor in the original post.

Thanks to Gamepressure, which "fixed" the image for fans, we were able to read some words from the text, such as "Reapers", "Tali'Zorah" and "Geth". These must sound very familiar to anyone who has played BioWare's sci-fi RPGs, right?

Does this mean that we will see Henry Cavill in the role of Commander Shepard in the near future or even a new character? To be honest, I don't mind even if he does a Cinderella remaster, as Cinderella. I admired him for his role in The Tudors and Man of Steel, but after I found out that he is an avid gamer, my man-crush gauge exploded.

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition Collection is coming to consoles on May 14th!

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