Henry Cavill - Highlander and Superman rumors

Henry Cavill may be starring in a Highlander remake soon, but where does that leave his role as Superman in the DCEU?

Henry Cavill might be the next immortal in the upcoming Highlander film. But where does that leave his potential return as Superman?

Henry Cavill may be starring in a Highlander remake soon, but where does that leave his role as Superman in the DCEU? (Images: DC Films/Warner Bros. Pictures and Cannon Films)

Henry Cavill has become an increasingly in-demand actor. Aside from The Witcher (which is already filming its third season), he is also coming back in the second season of Enola Holmes on Netflix. The actor will also be appearing in the spy thriller Argylle for Apple TV+ and the rom-com The Rosie Project for Sony Pictures. And when he’s not working, he can usually be found upgrading his gaming PC.

Will Cavill be adding the Highlander to his growing resume of genre roles? And will he be returning as the DCEU’s Superman? Check out the details revealed so far.

There can be only one

In an interview with Collider about a separate project, John Wick director Chad Stahleski talked about the Highlander film project:

We’re in the process of tweaking right now. I think we know what we want. More importantly than anything, we know what we want to make. It’s in the creatives. We know what we’re trying to make. It’s just a matter of getting it to the point where we feel, 'Okay, this is it. Let’s go.' But we’re closer than we’ve ever been, so that’s good.

Chad Stahleski (John Wick) who will be helming the Highlander remake pointed out not just Henry Cavill's physicality, but also his acting range.

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During the interview, Henry Cavill was mentioned as one of the director’s "big choices". Stahleski also added why Cavill would be a great fit for the Highlander film:

It's not just about muscles and brooding. I think he's got an incredible range and I think he'd bring something very special. And his enthusiasm has been amazing in it.

The first Highlander film was released in 1986, starring Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod with Sean Connery as his mentor Ramirez. A remake of the cult film about dueling immortals has been rumored for years, including one that might have starred Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool, Free Guy). Later on, Henry Cavill was rumored to have been in the running for the role since 2021.

But what about Superman?

While Henry Cavill’s potential take on The Highlander is welcome news to his fans, they are also asking the obvious question: is he returning to the DCEU as Superman?

After the unprecedented decision to permanently shelve the HBO Max exclusive Batgirl film in favor of a tax break, DCEU fans have been clamoring for a continuation of the Snyderverse. And apparently, Warner Bros. Discovery has reached out to Cavill regarding this particular possibility. However, there is no clear answer, as certain insiders revealed recently.

Erik Davis of Fandango and Umberto Gonzalez from The Wrap held a Twitter Spaces conversation (via The Direct) that are sending mixed messages to the fandom. Gonzalez noted:

The Multiverse has to stay, if they want to keep Sasha Calle and bring back a new Superman or bring back Cavill or something, that's going to have to be the reality of it.

Davis followed up by what seems to be an implication that Cavill is not returning after Warner Bros. Discovery pitched the possibility:

I heard a story that they've asked, and he doesn't want to do it, he doesn't want to come back.

But Gonzalez retorted with a more positive slant. The Hollywood insider mentioned that the new management of the merged Warner Bros. Discovery under CEO David Zaslav are in favor of Cavill's return:

This is probably going to turn into a story, I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure they'll maybe try to. I could be wrong, I just don't think they've had a take yet for him to come back. But again, that's all subject to whoever the new DC guy is overseeing the universe and this committee and the one answering to David Zaslav. It's been almost ten years since we've seen him in Man of Steel. But what I can say, I personally, I don't think it's over just yet.

It should be noted that Cavill has previously reassured his fans that he is open to returning as the Man of Steel. As the actor has stated, the 'cape is in the closet', and he is ready to don it once again. Plus, his fellow DCEU Justice League co-star Ben Affleck initially had misgivings about returning, but is now confirmed for The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Will he or won't he? Hollywood insiders are unsure about Cavill's return to the Superman role.

And just to add to the speculations, it was rumored that Cavill would make an appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con, but that proved false. And instead, Dwayne Johnson received boos from the DC fans during the Black Adam panel for implying of the possibility that someone else might play Superman other than Cavill.

For now, fans can catch Henry Cavill in The Witcher seasons 1 and 2, currently streaming on Netflix.

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