Hellboy live-action reboot in the works at Millenium Media

The last attempt to do a live-action adaptation of Hellboy was a reboot in 2019 that flopped among critics and audiences.

Hellboy, based on Mike Mignola’s comic book character of the same name, first appeared in live-action format in 2004. The film starred Ron Perlman in the titular role with Guillermo del Toro directing from a script and story he developed. The film was a box office success and a sequel came soon after in 2008.

Hellboy: The Crooked Man wiill be the second reboot in four years.

However, while del Toro and Perlman wanted a third film, it never materialized. Now, several years after, Millenium Media, the company with the production rights, has confirmed it is rebooting the series for the second time in four years.

The first reboot, released in 2019, starred David Harbour in the lead role. Unfortunately, the film was a box office bomb as it only grossed $55.1 million against its $50 million production budget.

According to a report by DiscussingFilm, the company has progressed well into its production plans, and production will be starting in April. The report also revealed that Brian Taylor, whose past work includes Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and Crank, will sit in the director’s chair for the new reboot, while Christopher Golden, the author of numerous Hellboy novels, will write the film’s script, alongside Hellboy creator Mike Mignola.

The planned reboot will reportedly be called "Hellboy: The Crooked Man" and it will follow the titular character as well as the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense agent as they encounter a demon with a connection to Hellboy’s past.

The last reboot, released in 2019, was a box office failure.

By the way, Perlman refused to return for the previous Hellboy reboot because del Toro wasn’t attached to the project. Even so, the 71-year-old actor recently revealed he is still open to reprising his role as the half-demon, with a salvo fired in del Toro’s direction about them owing the fans a conclusion to the story they began in 2004.

While production is underway for the new Hellboy reboot, Millenium Media hasn’t settled on a cast just yet.

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