Hearthstone – Free codes (January 2023)

Check out these Hearthstone codes for card packs and other free stuff! Join the fun in this digital card game based on the Warcraft setting.

Take a seat and have a brew, as the innkeeper invites you to a relaxing game of Hearthstone. Millions are just as addicted to this popular card battling game spinoff from the Warcraft setting, with 1v1 battle between two opponents, as they are with the main games.

Check out these Hearthstone codes for card packs and other free stuff! Join the fun in this digital card game based on the Warcraft setting. (Images: Activision Blizzard)

You can play the role of a legendary hero from the Warcraft universe with the decks of cards based on their various games and spinoffs. These cards will let you cast spells, equip powerful weapons, summon minions, place locations for special abilities, and even changing your hero into a more powerful version.

But every player can get some use from bonus resources to gain more powers and extra cards with Hearthstone codes. Check out the complete guides and the list of codes below.

What is Hearthstone?

Hearthstone is a turn-based digital collectible card game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment and it was released in 2014. It has many similarities to Magic: The Gathering, but has a more simplified resource management system.

Hearthstone is based on the characters, stories, and elements from the Warcraft series of video games. It features cross-play which allows players to compete with other players from other regions using different devices. As of the time of this writing, Hearthstone has reached over 100 million players since its initial release.

Relaxing casual fun or nail-biting competitive matches? You'll experience both in Hearthstone.

While the game has received many updates, the basic play sequence has been left relatively intact. Two opponents battle against each other to destroy the other hero before they get destroyed themselves.

Players can select a hero class with unique cards and hero powers. There are 10 hero classes to choose: Death Knight, Demon Hunter, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior. Each hero starts with 30 health points and the maximum level to reach is level 60. Levels unlock different game modes, achievements, awards, and free stuff.

To start each turn, the player will draw a hand of 3 cards from the 30 card decks from its collection. A coin is tossed and one player gets to act first, while the other player gets a Coin that can be used as a one-shot mana resource.

Players can choose any of the 5 main card types to build their decks: spells, weapons, minions, locations and hero cards. During their turn, the player can cast these cards with their available mana. Each player will start in one mana crystal, and adds one more in every turn until it reaches the total of 10 mana crystals (unless a card or effect modifies this). Unlike other card games, such as Magic: The Gathering Arena or Yu-Gi-Oh!, this game does not allow the opposing player to react during the player’s turn.

Play as one of the familiar characters in the Warcraft universe on Hearthstone, represented as avatars or as minion cards.

Hearthstone has various game modes to play. Play mode, also known as Hearthstone mode, is a standard multiplayer game mode where players compete against human opponents with the same skills. This can either be Casual or Season mode. In the latter mode, players can get up the ranks (or lose ranks) to get their highest achievement before the Season ends. The higher the rank, the better the end of Season rewards will be. Note that the standard mode only allows the Core set and the last 2 years worth of expansions.

There are other game modes to participate in such as Tutorial and Solo Adventures mode for those who prefer single-player experiences. Meanwhile, Battlegrounds, Mercenaries, Arena, Duels, Tavern Brawl, Friendly Challenge modes are for multiplayer gaming.

Hearthstone has gold as the in-game currency and dust to craft cards. Plus, players may also opt to buy Runestones or use real cash to buy expansion sets or gold versions of the cards. Gold versions of cards do not have any game benefits, but they sure do look good!

Hearthstone can be downloaded directly from the official Blizzard website for Windows PC and mobile devices that use the Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android systems. You can also download Hearthstone through Google Play and the Apple Store.

What are Hearthstone codes?

Hearthstone codes are provided by Activision Blizzard to reward players with card packs, gold, and other cosmetics that can be used to customize your avatar and deck appearances.

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Active/Working Hearthstone codes (as of January 2023)

Here are the currently active Hearthstone codes and valid to work.

  • 5854-457893-69348-192270-6781 - Claim this code for free rewards.

Expired/Inactive Hearthstone codes (as of January 2023)

These are the inactive Hearthstone codes and cannot be redeemed anymore.

  • 16165-0251-45613-541-61565 - Claim this code for free rewards.
  • 564564-64651-1654-942-165 - Claim this code for free rewards.
  • 54654-54654-5897-2184-4594 - Claim this code for free rewards.
  • 3265-4851-51564-11294-3249 - Claim this code for free rewards.

How to redeem Hearthstone free codes?

There are multiple ways of redeeming Hearthstone codes available, depending on what platform or device you are using.

You can redeem codes through Hearthstone website, or Blizzard Battle.net. Here are the steps on how to redeem codes.

Hearthstone website:

  • Log in to the Hearthstone website.
  • Tap on the Redeem Code option.
  • Enter the code in the Redeem Code box.
  • Click Redeem and claim your rewards.

Blizzard Battle.net website:

  • Log in your account.
  • In Account Overview, go to the Redeem a Code section
  • Enter your code and click the Redeem Code button.

Blizzard Battle.net app:

  • On the Games Tab, click the Redeem a Code button.
  • On the Shop tab, click Services.
  • Click Redeem a Code and claim your rewards.

Note: Codes can be redeemed at once and some codes were available only in other regions. Make sure to redeem active codes before they expire.

Are there more codes and free stuff for Hearthstone?

Blizzard rarely releases Hearthstone codes, and usually does so as part of celebrating special holidays or to commemorate a new major update as in the case of a new expansion. However, just playing the game can reward bonus items such as packs, gold, avatars, and more.

To get updated about free codes, follow the Hearthstone’s Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, and also, follow content creators and YouTubers to get notified for the latest codes and updates. You can also visit the Hearthstone website or Blizzard's Battle.net to claim free cards and other gift packs.

The newest update this December 2022 will be a return to the realm of the Lich King, last visited in the Knights of the Frozen Throne expanision. The March of the Lich King expansion will introduce the newest playable class, the Death Knight!

Be sure to bookmark this page (CTRL+D) and we will update this list once the new codes for Hearthstone are released.

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