What is the Heardle answer for May 27, Friday?

Heardle #91 has got to be one of the more confusing answers, often being mistaken with a 1997 hit from a different singer with a similar name.

It appears that the Heardle gods have a thing for the late 80s and 90s music.

Heardle #91 is widely considered one of the last house-pop crossovers of the 90s.

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Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus wasn't the easiest to guess because of how long it has been since it first came out. Heardle #91 was released right around the same time. So, if you had a hard time guessing the Heardle answer for yesterday, don't expect to have an easier time today.

If it's any consolation, we're here to help - as always.

But, if you haven't played the game before, the rules are simple - you get six guesses and a 15-second intro of the song of the day. It might sound like for music aficionados, but that's not the case. The game pulls its tracks from the most streamed music on multiple platforms. Even if the song itself is as old as you if not older, there's a huge chance that you've heard of it in passing in the past few days. In a way, it's similar to Wordle and how it's not just a game for people with wide vocabularies.

Now, if you find yourself stumped by how "common" the intro sounds, that's where we come in.

You can use these hints and clues to find out what the answer to today's Heardle is:

  • The song was released originally in 1990 and re-released in 1992
  • It remains the singer's biggest hit to-date
  • The song is often confused with another track from 1997 with the same name
  • Slant Magazine included the song in its list of "The 100 Best Dance Songs of All Time" in 2020
  • The song was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America

If clues aren't enough for you, we won't judge.

We're well aware of the importance of maintaining that streak, and who wouldn't want to end their workweek the right way?

The answer to May 27's Heardle is below this image:

Heardle #91 is credited as having influenced modern songs such as 2013's White Noise and 2014's Hideaway.

The answer to Heardle #91 is Show Me Love by Robin S.

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