What is the Heardle answer for June 7, Tuesday?

If your ears are bleeding trying to guess today's Heardle puzzle, say no more!

Good morning, Team Heardle. It's a new day, which means the Heardle gods have a new audio puzzle for you to tackle. Trying to work out today's Heardle is fun to do on your own, but it's not as enjoyable if you get stuck.

Heardle #102 has this very particular bird in its title.
Heardle #102 has this very particular bird in its title.

If you prefer to go the easy route, all you have to do is to skip to the end of this article. You will find the answer to Heardle #102 waiting for you there. For those who'd rather work out today's Heardle on their own, we've got what you need to keep that streak going. We've come up with a handful of tips, as well as subtle clues that will nudge you towards the song for today.

Before anything else though, let's talk about Heardle.

If you just played Wordle, Heardle should feel familiar. However, it's not the same either. Heardle tasks players to listen to the first few seconds of a song until they can get it right or come back again tomorrow. You only get six tries to get the right song and its artist for the day's puzzle, which can get tricky. The good news is that the Heardle gods aren't sadistic - they pull out tracks from the day's most popular tunes, so it's not like you're listening to obscure music that only aficionados can guess.

So, without further ado, we are the clues for Heardle 102:

  • Was the artist's first Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 single and stayed there for five weeks
  • The performer directed the music video
  • Many executives thought that the song's music video was too explicit for TV
  • Ranked as the 31st most celebrated song in popular music history by Acclaimed Music
  • Won the Favorite Black Single at the American Music Awards in 1985

Heardle songs are a mixed bag and you'll never know what's next. Case in point, Heardle #101 was an older song that came out in 1990. Today's song? It's even older. Who knows? This is why we perfectly understand why you made it all the way to the end of this article. We'd do everything to maintain our winning streaks for so long, right?

The answer to Heardle #102 lies right below this image:

The fedora is part of the iconic look of the singer behind Heardle #102.
The fedora is part of the iconic look of the singer behind Heardle #102.

The answer to Heardle #102 is When Doves Cry by Prince.

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