What is the Heardle answer for June 6, Monday?

Heardle #101's been used as a title for a 90s movie as well as a Broadway musical in 2018.

Uh-oh! The fact that you're reading this means that you're stuck with today's Heardle.

The solution to Heardle #101 is how you'd best describe this woman.

Don't worry. We won't judge you. We know how difficult it is to try and find the answer to something with minimal clues. This is exactly what we're here to help with. Of course, if you have a good pair of headphones as well as sharp ears, that would be useful as well. Before we give you the answer, you might want to check first if it's already June 6 in your location. If it's still June 5, please check out our answer to Heardle #100.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's start talking about Heardle #101.

The song, which first came out in 1964, is an iconic tune that you might have listened to earlier today. The song became so popular over the years that it was used as the title and soundtrack of a top-billing 1990 film that was later adapted into a Broadway musical in 2018.

If that's not enough to help you get Heardle #101 right, don't worry, we've got all the clues you need.

Scroll down below to find our tips and hints for Heardle #101:

  • Came out as a single in August 1964
  • The second and final single by the performer to top the United States charts
  • Was reportedly inspired by the performing artist's wife
  • Honored with a Grammy Hall of Fame award in 1999
  • Ultimately sold 7 million copies and was arguably the highest point in the artist's career

Heardle #101's first few seconds won't give away the entire song, but after a few attempts, you should have been able to guess it by now. It's hard to mistake the start of Heardle #101 for a different song. Not to mention, you've got our clues to work with. Then again, we did say that we wouldn't judge, so the answer to Heardle #101 is right below the image:

This iconic scene from the 1990 movie based on the song is a freebie.

The answer to Heardle #101 is Oh, Pretty Woman by Roy Orbinson.

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