What is the Heardle answer for June 3, Friday?

The music video of Heardle #98 currently has over 150 million views.

Heardle is an inspired take on the hit New York Times puzzler, Wordle. The premise of the derivative game is simple: you listen to the intro of the song and you try to guess the name as well as its artist. If you get it wrong on your first try, Heardle will give you more of the intro. You only have six tries to do it, by which time, you'll have a little over 15 seconds of the song at your disposal.

Heardle Answer June Friday Scaled
The horn is an instrument prominently featured in Heardle #98.

If you're already five chances down and you only have one shot to go, try not to worry too much - we've got your back.

If you're wondering what today's Heardle solution is, here's your guide.

But, before anything else, try and check the clock first. If it's not past midnight yet, there is a chance that you might be listening to yesterday's Heardle. The solution to the June 2 Heardle is Hotel California by Eagles, which is a very familiar tune that most probably got right after a few tries (or just one if you used our guide.)

For more hints for Heardle #98, check out our tips:

  • One of the song's videos features The Rock-afire Explosion
  • The song is mostly in 6/4 time and a 4/4 instrumental bridge
  • Originally peaked at number 20 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart
  • Ranked as the fifth-best single of 2008 by NME
  • There are two official music videos for the song

Today's Heardle won't resonate with everybody. The good news is that the song belongs to a very mainstream genre. At the very least, you should be able to recognize the song. With hundreds of millions of viewers on YouTube, you've most likely heard the song in passing. You might have even contributed a view or two to the music video without knowing.

If we were able to guide you through the answer to Heardle #98, then be sure to pass the word.

If not, the solution to Heardle #98 is below:

Heardle Answer June Friday
Heardle #98's music video can be described as "trippy."

The answer to Heardle #98 is Electric Feel by MGMT.

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