What is the Heardle answer for June 2, Thursday?

It's time for the next Heardle round, which puts your musical tastes to the test by asking you to name a song using its intro.

The guitar solo in Heardle #97 is seen as the best guitar solo of all time.
The guitar solo in Heardle #97 is seen as the best guitar solo of all time.

Heardle is one of the most popular online puzzle games and is an off-shoot of Wordle.

Heardle is self-described as "a respectful homage to Wordle, with a musical twist," and has gone on for 97 days straight now. This is 97 times that Heardle has twisted the brains of music aficionados and casual fans alike. It's been said that more than a million people play Heardle a day, and you're one of them.

If this is your first time checking Heardle out, you might want to reorient yourself with the hit from yesterday.

We know that it's probably too late to guess it, but you can use the hints and the eventual solution to try and guess today's song. Of course, we're still here to guide you to the right Heardle answer today.

Just don't forget that you only get six tries to get the Heardle of the day right. Once you've pressed the play button and listened to the first second of the song, the only way to get more out of it is to get it wrong. After using all but a single one of your chances, you're left with sixteen seconds of the intro, which should be plenty enough as the game doesn't pull out obscure tracks just to mess with you.

Having said that, you can find hints for Heardle #97 below:

  • Heardle #97 was the title track of the band's second-best-selling album of all time
  • The song is considered the best-known track of the recording band
  • It received a Grammy Award for Record of the Year in 1978
  • The band described the song as the "interpretation of their high life in Los Angeles."
  • Has drawn significant interest for a film adaptation over the years but the band has repeatedly declined offers

Just like Heardle #94, today's Heardle isn't recent but immediately recognizable. Many have described the answer to today's Heardle as one of the best songs of all time with its album being certified 26 x Platinum in the United States with over 32 million copies.

If you still haven't guessed Heardle #97, we've got the answer.

Just look past the image below for the solution:

What Is The Heardle Answer For June 2, Thursday?
This is a dead giveaway to the answer to Heardle #97.

The answer to Heardle #97 is Hotel California by Eagles.

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