HBO’s The Last of Us showrunners tease their plan for season 2

Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann have hinted that the second season of The Last of Us television series will adapt the second title in the game series.

the last of us craig mazin
Craig Mazin and his co-showrunner, Neil Druckmann, have hinted at their plans for a second season of The Last of Us.

The Last of Us showrunner Craig Mazin and his co-showrunner Neil Druckmann, the game’s creator, have teased their plans for the second season of the forthcoming show. The pair revealed that the sequel will adapt the second game in the series much like the first season of the show adapted the first game.

The showrunners made this revelation in a recent feature article for The Hollywood Reporter that also included the show’s stars, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. In the article, the two discussed the show’s production details, including casting and plot development, among others.

During the interview, Mazin and Druckmann refused to expressly state their plans for a second season, which HBO hasn’t yet announced. However, Mazin stated that he doesn’t like filler which suggests that the show will stick to the game’s story, albeit with a few twists here and there.

Druckmann and Mazin made no secret of their desire to remain faithful to the games' story. Druckmann stated, "We have no plans to tell any stories beyond adapting the games. We won’t run into the same issue as Game of Thrones since Part II doesn’t end on a cliffhanger." To this statement, Mazin added, "I don’t have any interest in a spinning-plates-go-on-forever show. When it becomes a perpetual motion machine, it just can’t help but get kind of… stupid. Endings mean everything to me."

the last of us craig mazin
The Last of Us Part II features an older Ellie, which might mean Bella Ramsey is replaced for a second season.

Given the showrunners’ admissions, the series can only go as far as a second season since that's where the game series stops. However, when quizzed about a rumored threequel, Druckmann neither confirmed nor denied it, only saying that he thinks "there’s more story to tell." Given the fact that Druckmann didn’t deny the rumors, Naughty Dog will release a third game after Season 2 is out, which should give the show more material.

Having said that, if, or rather, when HBO renews the show for a second season, Ramsey, who plays Ellie, might have to be replaced with an older actress. In this case, Ramsey's co-star from Game of Thrones, Maisie Williams, could swoop in and take the role since she was in the running to play it several years ago.

The Last of Us is HBO’s first foray into creating video game adaptations. It's joint production between multiple production companies, including Naughty Dog, Sony Pictures, PlayStation Productions, Word Games, and The Mighty Mint. It follows a hardened smuggler and survivor, Joel, as he escorts a teenager, Ellie, across a zombie-infested United States to one of the Fireflies locations. The Fireflies is a resistance movement that strives to gain freedom from the military.

The Last of Us will premiere on HBO Max on January 15.

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