HBO renews Peacemaker for a second season

James Gunn will come back to write and direct all episodes of Peacemaker's follow-up season.

The DCEU's first foray into the small screen has been nothing short of a success. So much so that HBO has already decided to pick up Peacemaker for a second season.

Unfortunately, it might be a while before we see Peacemaker's second season.

The news came just hours before the explosive season one finale of Peacemaker made its way to HBO Max. Speaking of, the end of the episode was the perfect way to cap off the insanity that has been John Cena's zany solo outing. After wrapping up his season-long tangle with the Butterflies, the cavalry arrives with Superman, the Flash, Aquaman, and Wonderwoman, all appearing on screen.

Unfortunately, only Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa showed their faces while Ben Affleck's Batman is nowhere in sight, which is understandable after revealing his reasons for hanging up the cowl. It's also pretty interesting that Ray Fisher's Cyborg wasn't there.

Peacemaker wasn't perfect, but it was an excellent show that shone the spotlight on a nuanced character that most audiences probably didn't know anything about before.

In any case, if the Peacemaker finale has got you hungry for more, we've got good news for you.

As mentioned earlier, Peacemaker has been renewed for a second season on HBO Max. James Gunn confirmed the news on Twitter as he thanked the cast and crew as well as the audiences for supporting Cena's loud-mouthed vigilante with a maligned penchant for maintaining peace and order.

The reception to Peacemaker has been surprising, to say the least. Admittedly, Peacemaker always had the potential. Whether it was international or not, Cena's anti-hero was the star of Gunn's The Suicide Squad, which infamously bombed at the global box office. Even though he was technically just a louder version of Idris Elba's Bloodsport, fans gravitated towards him and his antics. The show only gave fans even more of a chance to get to know who Christopher Smith was behind the mask and why he is who he is.

Now that the second season of Peacemaker has been confirmed, as well as his connection with the rest of the DCEU, audiences can only hope to get a chance to see more of Peacemaker soon enough outside of the follow-up season soon.

Speaking of, Peacemaker is returning for at least one more DCEU movie. Meanwhile, Gunn revealed in January that he's working on a second The Suicide Squad spinoff. It is unknown if Gunn meant season 2 of Peacemaker with what he said, but chances are it isn't as he'll probably be sticking around the DCEU for a little while longer after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 premieres next year.

As they say these days, Cena understood the assignment.
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