HBO Max releases new Doom Patrol season 4 trailer

Streaming giant HBO Max has launched a new teaser trailer and new posters for Doom Patrol season four.

HBO Max released a new trailer for the fourth installment of the comic book superhero series, Doom Patrol, on its official YouTube account following the release of its first trailer in October.

Doom Patrol New
Doom Patrol season 4 will debut on HBO Max on December 8.

Fans of the group of misfit heroes will be glad to hear that show will be returning soon with the trailer giving an insight into what they can expect.

The trailer opens with Willoughby Kipling warning the Doom Patrol team of the impending threat of Immortus. Kipling explains the threat holds catastrophic results if the team doesn’t do something to avert it, stating that they are "wandering into the literal end of days."

The group members snort at this since what could possibly be that bad, right? Next, the trailer cuts to a scene where the group’s new member – and boss – Madame Rouge tells them that the Immortus Project is a pursuit of immortality.

Kipling’s voice takes over again and he asks "Have you ever wondered why you’ve looked exactly the same for decades?" Thereafter, he reveals to the team that the Immortus Project is the reason for their longevity. The team decides to step up and the trailer shows us the different members dealing with different challenges in unique ways.

The trailer also showcased the team traveling through time to solve their problem with Immortus. It also previewed the vicious were-butts they will face to accomplish their goal.

The Doom Patrol characters originally appeared in an episode of another DC Comics-based superhero show titled, Titans, before they were greenlit for their own series. The series’ first season premiered in February 2019 and it hasn’t looked back since. The series has scored high ratings with critics and fans alike, and season 4 shouldn’t be any different.

Doom Patrol New
The series has consistently scored high ratings since its first season premiered in 2019.

Doom Patrol will return exclusively with a two-episode premiere on HBO Max on December 8. Following this release, an episode will drop weekly until January 5. Then, the series will go on a mid-season break until later in the year when the remaining six episodes will launch.

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