HBO finally confirms the Dunk and Egg spin-off

The upcoming Game of Thrones spin-off will be based on The Tales of Dunk and Egg, which tells a tale that hardcore fans are very familiar with.

Maester Aemon is the only one who's actually lived to have seen Egg in any of the Game of Thrones adaptations we've seen.

HBO has revealed the second official Game of Thrones spin-off and it's a show that nobody else on their best day would've expected.

Just days after House of the Dragon Season 2 started production, HBO revealed that a new show is coming and it's from a fan-favorite prequel tale.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight will adapt the events of George R.R. Martin's Dunk and Egg, which is a story that follows Ser Duncan the Tall (Dunk) and a young Aegon V Targaryen (Egg).

Now, if that name rings a bell, it's because Aegon V is the older brother of Maester Aemon of the Night's Watch who makes an appearance in the books, A Song of Ice and Fire, as well as its live-action adaptation, Game of Thrones. But, don't expect a lot of overlap between the main series and The Hedge Knight. It's set 90 years before the events of Game of Thrones, and given how short the lives in Westeros are, it's best to treat this upcoming show as its own thing.

George R.R. Martin has signed on as the writer and executive producer of The Hedge Knight, which is one of several other Game of Thrones shows in development at HBO.

Daenerys Targaryen is the great nephew of Egg.

Outside of House of the Dragon, which might get a shortened Season 3, HBO is reportedly working on a Jon Snow series.

Of course, while HBO is eyeing several spin-offs, it's worth noting that it has canceled others as well. With three Game of Thrones projects in development simultaneously as well as a reboot of Harry Potter and future seasons of The Last of Us, Warner Bros. Discovery might shelve potential Game of Thrones spin-offs until much later on.

The most interesting part of The Hedge Knight is that it's less about political plots and supernatural threats. Around this time, the dragons had already died out and the White Walkers, as they are called in Game of Thrones, weren't a looming threat yet. So, expect The Hedge Knight to be more in line with a medieval epic. Who knows? The Hedge Knight could end up being Game of Thrones' version of The Mandalorian.

Jon Snow is also related to Egg as his great, great-nephew.

Speaking of HBO Max, the streaming platform is undergoing a rebrand on May 23. The new name, Max, will come at the same price of $16 a month for the ad-free version but will include content from both Discovery+ and HBO.

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