Hardpoint Rotations of All Maps in Black Ops Cold War

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The objective-based game mode, Hardpoint, makes its return in Black Ops Cold War. In Hardpoint, the teams are required to rush to an area and secure it for as long as possible. The longer they stay in the designated area, the more their score increases.

The actual Hardpoint location itself keeps switching on a fixed rotational basis after every 50 seconds, and the teams must get to each of these locations to secure them.

As we said, the Hardpoint switches every 50 seconds, and once the new area has been assigned, the teams cannot start scoring until after an additional 15 seconds have passed. The extra 15 seconds gives both the teams an equal opportunity to get to the "hill" and secure it.

For every second spent in the area or the "hardpoint," your team gets 1 point. The first team to reach 250 points wins the game. If the time runs out, the team with a higher score wins.

Several maps have been introduced in Black Ops Cold War and that are specifically tailored to fit the Hardpoint game mode. As mentioned earlier, in Hardpoint, the location switches on a rotational basis, and it is best to know all the locations.

Note that, for the first time, Black Ops Cold War has introduced a new feature that shows the next location of the Hardpoint, which was not the case in the previous Call of Duty installments, but we still think this guide will help you plan your routes much more efficiently.

Below we have the Hardpoint rotations for all the available maps in Black Ops Cold War.


Cartel Hardpoint Rotations
  1. Middle Crops
  2. Small Sheds
  3. Lower Riverbed
  4. Garage
  5. Hangar


Miami Hardpoint Rotations
  1. Intersection (Ocean Drive)
  2. Visitor's Center
  3. Catamaran Boat (South Beach)
  4. Blackwood Lobby
  5. Back Alley


Moscow Hardpoint Rotations
  1. Metro
  2. Kiosk
  3. Fountain
  4. Boulevard


Satellite Hardpoint Rotations
  1. Satellite
  2. Campfire Cave
  3. Base Camp
  4. Dune Wreckage


Checkmate Hardpoint Rotations
  1. Plane (Inside)
  2. Hangar (by the container)
  3. Plane (Under)
  4. Containers
  5. Hangar (by the Armory)


Garrison Hardpoint Rotations
  1. Walkway
  2. Radar
  3. Generators
  4. Main Floor (near the Artillery)
  5. Main Floor (near the Tank Wash)

Crossroads Strike

Crossroads Hardpoint Map
  1. Munitions Storage (The Tank)
  2. Lower Annex
  3. Munitions Storage (the area with wreckage)
  4. Munitions Storage (by the rocks at spawn)

Armada Strike

Armada Hardpoint Rotations
  1. Submarine
  2. Starboard
  3. Upper Deck
  4. Lower Deck
  5. Upper Deck (opposite side of position 3)

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