Cyberpunk 2077 Happy Together Walkthrough - Barry Choice Guide

As in most other RPGs, Cyberpunk 2077 is also filled with various side missions that, while not greatly impacting the main plotline, help to flesh out the game world and the characters in it. Sometimes these are more vehicles for us to better define our character through roleplaying. Happy Together is one mission which can take an emotional turn and is significant from a roleplaying perspective. Here's how the conversations play out.

Starting Happy Together

Happy Together takes place after the end of the prologue, when Act 1 has begun, following the major events at the end of The Heist. Unlike that particular mission, this one can have a happy ending if you choose your words well.

Once V settled into their new apartment, and takes their first steps outside once Act 1 begins, you encounter Barry, your neighbor currently struggling with depression. Barry is also a police officer, and you first see him after two of his colleagues tried to check whether he's okay and talk to him.

The officers are not successful, and ask for your help. Once you agree, you should go and knock on Barry's door. He won't respond to you, but this was to be expected since he probably knows his buddies are still there. If you return a few hours later and try again, he'll open the door.

Talking to Barry the first time

When Barry finally answers the door, you can pick one of three options.

  • Stay Strong
  • I just wanna talk
  • People like us have to get used to loss

At this point it doesn't affect the outcome of the mission which you choose, so feel free to roleplay, but "I just wanna talk" will come across as the most empathetic to Barry. He will invite you in, and start chatting with you. In the ensuing conversation, we encounter a unique mechanic wherein instead of multiple choices, the outcome depends on whether we go through the optional dialogue options as well as the "yellow" options that take the conversation ahead.

Bad Ending: Rushing the conversation

If you speed through the conversation by simply picking the yellow option every time, eventually Barry will ask you to leave. After this, you can go and talk to Petrova and Mendez - Barry's colleagues - about the discussion and they will give you some cash for your troubles.

Later when you return to the apartment, you'll learn that Barry committed suicide soon after, and his colleagues are distressed by the turn of events.

Good Ending: Find Andrew’s Niche

If you go through every optional conversation option while talking to Barry, he'll mention a good friend of his called Andrew, mentioning that he was the only one to whom Barry could truly open up, and that Andrew was always by his side. Andrew passed away recently, and this is the cause of Barry's depression. He mentions where Andrew is buried.

After the conversation is concluded in this way, you have the option to go straight to Petrova and Mendez as before, but you definitely should not do this. The other objective that is unlocked is Find Andrew's Niche.

V needs to go over to the Columbarium and look for Andrew's niche. You can find it easier by scanning for it. Here, you will discover that Andrew was actually a tortoise - Barry's pet. Nonetheless, the officer's emotional connection with his little animal companion was strong, and he lost a true friend. Johnny will "appear" for a short chat here which has no bearing on the outcome of the quest.

If you return to the police at this point, you can explain the situation to them at which point they will approach Barry again in a much more empathetic way, and this time around he will let them in to talk.

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