Halo x Rockstar collaboration confirmed ahead of Halo Infinite's launch

First it was Monster Energy in 2020, now Microsoft and 343 are partnering with Rockstar to help promote Halo Infinite.

Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned to market Halo Infinite. After working with Monster Energy back in 2020, the software giant has found a new energy drink partner in Rockstar, and will be doing a collaboration for the upcoming Halo installment.

It appears that Microsoft is going all in to market Halo Infinite ahead of its December release.

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What can we expect from the Halo x Rockstar collaboration?

Energy drinks remain very popular among gamers, so the partnership makes plenty of sense.

Rockstar released a teaser video alongside a website as part of the Halo x Rockstar collaboration. However, it appears that we won't know the specifics about this partnership until October 1. But, we can try to guess. After all, it's not like this is the first time that video games studios have partnered with energy drink companies. Microsoft, in particular, worked with Rockstar in the past to help promote Gears 5.

If this partnership is going to be like their previous promotion, we can expect to see specially marked cans that offer in-game content in Halo Infinite.

Microsoft previously worked with Monster for Halo Infinite-branded energy drinks ahead of the game's intended launch alongside the Xbox Series S/X in 2020. After Microsoft decided to delay Halo Infinite to its current release date, the software company assured fans that any cans bought then would still offer the same double XP benefits for Halo Infinite when it launches in December.

Considering how big of a deal Halo Infinite is for Microsoft and 343 Industries, we can expect more of the partnerships coming in the next few months.

At the moment, fans can look forward to seeing Halo Infinite release on December 8. Before then, 343 has confirmed that it's going to hold a multiplayer preview starting on September 24. An earlier leak also suggests that another technical test will happen in October as well.

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