343 has released the Halo Infinite Season 2 patch notes

The highly anticipated follow-up season of Halo Infinite, Lone Wolves, is finally here.

A little over six months after releasing Halo Infinite, 343 Industries has finally dropped the highly anticipated second season.

Here's to hoping that Halo Infinite's third season doesn't take as long.

After confirming important details about Halo Infinite Season 2 in April, Lone Wolves is now out on consoles and PCs. In addition to new modes and maps, like Last Spartan Standing, which is the game's take on the popular battle royale genre, the latest Halo Infinite update brings a laundry list of changes, fixes, and improvements that will aim to bring the game's player count back up to more reasonable levels.

As shared by 343 on the Halo Support website, the patch reduces melee damage across the board in campaign and multiplayer by 10%. This change means that the Mangler can't take out others with one shot. 343 also added more melee damage to the Battle Rifle in Ranked multiplayer. But, again, the Season 2 update is comprehensive and huge, so you're better off checking out the list yourself.

We're not exaggerating when say that 343 outdid itself - the patch notes for Season 2 of Halo Infinite are more than 30 pages long.

Of course, the highlight of the new Halo Infinite season is the 100-tier Battle Pass with "up to 180 rewards." It doesn't matter if you want to spend money on a Premium Battle Pass, or complete free tiers. Either way, you'll still get a chance to enjoy getting more cosmetics as you play through more multiplayer matches.

Speaking of enjoyment, Halo Infinite's narrative multiplayer continues with the first event, Interference, running until May 15. The next one, Alpha Pack, is coming on July 19 and will run until August 1.

As a live-service title, 343 will continue adding more content to Halo Infinite going forward. Unfortunately, we're hoping that this doesn't come at the expense of the single-player part of Halo Infinite.

Only time will tell if 343 has done enough to bring players back to Halo Infinite.

Speaking of 343 and Halo Infinite, the first-party Microsoft studio promised to deliver the long-delayed co-op campaign by August.

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