Halo Infinite could get at least one more technical test

343 Industries Community Director Brian Jarrard is teasing a second technical test for Halo Infinite, following the conclusion of the first one.

343 Industries is definitely taking its sweet time optimizing Halo Infinite.

After the success of the first Halo Infinite multiplayer technical preview, 343 Industries is already looking forward to the possibility of holding another one.

The latest Halo game was initially planned to release alongside the Xbox Series S/X in late 2021. However, the negative player feedback from earlier tests forced Microsoft and the game's development studio to delay the title for almost a year, so that its kinks could all be worked out.

Just in case you missed it, 343 recently held a technical test for Infinite. For those who are wondering what a technical test is, 343 refers to it as the point in development between the Alpha and Beta stages.

343 chose to refer to everyone's first proper look at Infinite as a technical test because the game is much further along than Alpha, but isn't complete enough to be considered a Beta version.

Regardless of whatever 343 wants to call it, one way of describing the first Infinite technical test is that it's been a success.

Now, Brian Jarrard hopes that 343 can do at least one more.

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Community Director thanks Halo community following first technical test

343 Industries' Community Director Brian Jarrard has done a masterful job of weathering the storm that was Halo Infinite's first technical test.

After the game's first test flight ended, Jarrard went on Twitter to thank everyone who participated and provide an update on what's coming. To no one's surprise, 343 wants to do more.

Unfortunately, Jarrard stopped short of revealing when exactly this next Halo Infinite technical test will happen. However, we doubt that it will take longer than a couple of weeks. The holidays are creeping in. With Infinite expected to release by then, the next technical test should come soon. Lest we forget, fans still expect 343 to hold a beta test after this.

343 Industries is doing and saying all the right things about Halo Infinite so far.

Having said that, we can speculate that the next technical test will be much larger in terms of scale and scope compared to the first technical test.

Here's to hoping that 343 reveals more info about the next Infinite technical test soon. Infinite seems to have gained a lot of positive momentum in recent weeks. We doubt Microsoft wants to kill any of that by taking too long of a time in between big announcements.

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