Halo Infinite leak showcases customization items including emblems, charms, and more

The Rock, the "this is fine" meme and many more have been incorporated into Halo Infinite.

Halo infinite’s beta has been out for a few days. While it offers limited content to enjoy, the leakers and dataminers have been at work digging whatever they can from this multiplayer technical preview. Surprisingly, the latter have managed to find a considerable amount of content, including a range of customization items such as weapon charms, emblems, helmet and vehicle attachments, armor effects, and death effects.

Marcopolo444, a user on Reddit, posted several links to all the leaked content that was directly stripped out of the current ongoing PC and Xbox multiplayer beta. These leaks come directly from the HaloLeaks Discord server.

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From what we’ve gathered looking at these leaks, it seems tat 343 has really embraced the meme culture and incorporated that into Halo Infinite.

Some more Armor FX, Death FX, Charms, Helmet/Vehicle Attachments, Map images from HaloLeaks

While there is no direct emblem customization option, the emblems they’ve offered seem to have positive feedback, judging by the comments on the original Reddit post. These emblems include a robot sitting in a fire with a smile imitating the infamous “This is fine” meme.

"This is fine" meme recreation

Then we also had a look at another emblem that resembled the “Ancient Alien Guy” meme.

"Alien Guy" who always used to talk about aliens on the History channel

Who can forget the classic “Brent Rambo” seal of approval meme, which was also incorporated into a Halo-style emblem?

"Brent Rambo" with the seal of approval. The classic

But the emblem that has taken over the internet is the recreation of Rock standing with a fanny pack. 343 has recreated a cartoon version of the same with a master chief helmet on top and the Rock body type and clothing from the original image at the bottom. And, of course, the fanny pack.

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Cartoon recreation of the infamous "Rock with a fanny pack" meme

The memes are not the only customization items found in the game files. Other non-meme-related emblems also pay homage to the original Halo game and include emblems associated with red and blue teams.

There are over a hundred emblems. Feel free to check them out by going to the links posted on Reddit. There’s a lot of other items such as armor and vehicle attachments. The leaks also contain armor and death effects.

Some of the armor effects include the helmet lit on fire, the helmet lit on blue fire, having a halo ring on top of the head, having wings, having fire wings, and two stems coming out of the helmet imitating horns with Sakura flowers on it.

While we do have a confirmed list of all the vehicles coming to Halo Infinite, the leaks also have some of the models of the vehicles.

Note that these are items found in the ongoing multiplayer technical preview and are subject to change when the full game releases on December 8, 2021, for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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