Dozens of Halo Infinite's helmets have leaked

Here's a look at all the sci-fi buckets you can hide your face behind in Halo Infinite.

Spartan armor variants have come a long way since the first appearance of Master Chief's iconic green Mjolnir helmet with the golden visor in Halo: Combat Evolved. For years now fans could pick and choose between a selection of... pretty similar generic sci-fi helmets with colorful visors. Halo Infinite is no different, and while we already saw plenty of helmets in the promotional material, an almost complete list has just leaked.

At this point, 343 Industries will want to consider extending the technical preview for a couple of days.

The designs include many returning fan favorites, including classic Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo: Reach helmets, that big bubble one, the version of that big bubble one with the skull scratched on it, and others, alongside a few entirely new helmet designs that don't quite look like they fit the Halo aesthetic. Some are gladiatorial, while others seem like the sort you'd find in a post apocalyptic game like Fallout.

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There is, however, one rather unique helmet, that we imagine will be some kind of event reward - you'll be able to put a snowman's head on your spartan when playing Halo Infinite's multiplayer. We don't imagine visibility will be great, though.

Some of the leaked Halo Infinite helmets.

While the leak contains a lot of helmets, we know that this isn't a complete selection because some helmets we've seen in official promotional material are missing, like the one based on the samurai kabuto helmets. Since we know that Halo Infinite is adopting the season-based post launch content support model, expect more armor options to be added to the game in subsequent DLC.

This leak follows another recent datamined information dump which confirmed a photo mode and consisted of several lists revealing weapons, emotes, abilities and vehicles. We imagine that in the current gaming climate, a lot more information will leak before the release date.

Initially expected to arrive sometime November, or potentially even before, the Halo Infinite release date has been confirmed to be December 8.

Aron Gerencser
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