The Halo Infinite file size has reportedly been leaked online

Halo Infinite could eat up a huge portion of the hard disk on your Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

It's no secret that as the graphics in games improve with each console generation, that improvement comes at the expense of precious, limited console storage space. So, in the days leading up to a game's release, one of the biggest questions, and concerns, is how much space a game will take from your storage drive.

If you're itching to play Halo Infinite, you'll have to play the storage price come launch time.

With that said, a leak suggests that you'll have to make quite a bit of space if you want to play Halo Infinite later this year.

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What is the Halo Infinite file size?

343 Industries has had a full extra year to polish Halo Infinite. Now, we're close to the point of release. In fact, the developers already gave excited players a glimpse of what to expect from the game in a recent technical showcase.

Despite being marred by several issues, the technical test was largely a success. It gave the studio valuable input that they can use to improve the game in the months leading up to its expected holiday 2021 launch.

Now that fans are looking forward to more tests, it appears that there's one more thing that players might want to prepare themselves for.

When you factor in future upgrades, Halo Infinite is only going to get larger.

According to a leaked image, the Halo Infinite file size is a whopping 97GB. In comparison, the technical preview build had a file size of less than 20GB. Naturally, the final build will be larger. Even so, Halo Infinite's reported file size is almost enough to make it one of the largest video games ever. However, don't forget that this is not confirmed. Halo Infinite might not end up taking as much space as the leak is suggesting.

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If the leaked file size is indeed true, it's not all bad news. While it obviously means that the game's assets take up much more space, this should only mean good things for how the game will look at launch. We're also thinking that 343 Industries might give players the option to download the multiplayer portion of Halo Infinite only. This should help cut down on the game's file size at launch.

Here's to hoping that 343 Industries reveals more about Halo Infinite soon.

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