Halo Infinite gets daily XP boosts for all

The first 6 matches of Halo Infinite multiplayer you play each day will have an XP boost applied going forward.

The surprise early launch and positive reception of Halo Infinite's multiplayer mode has largely been undercut by criticism aimed at a poorly paced progression system that leaves players with underwhelming rewards earned frustratingly slowly. Now, 343 Industries is introducing a new daily XP boost feature to help speed things up.

After being delayed for more than a year, Halo Infinite is off to a good start.

The developers have been working on fine tuning Halo Infinite's progression system ever since the issues came to light and the pacing problems took over the online discourse about the game. Critics and fans alike kept expressing that Halo Infinite has a fantastic multiplayer mode that's being seriously marred by its progression. So far none of the attempts to solve these problems have proven fruitful.

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Now, in a new approach, the developers have confirmed that a daily XP boost system is going to be implemented where all players earn fixed bonus XP for the first 6 matches they play each given day. From the seventh onward you will continue to progress at the standard rate unless you use some of the many consumable XP boosters the game throws at you.

Progression in Halo Infinite is centered around challenges, however one of the main source of criticism is that players have limited control over what kind of game modes and maps they are shuffled into, and often challenges have specific requirements. You could play several matches in a row without even the opportunity to complete the challenge and thus make progress.

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Halo Infinite 2
Halo Infinite's full release is a week away.

While the root cause isn't being addressed, 343 is increasing the amount of XP you'll earn initially when you do manage to complete your challenges. At the end of the day, this still reduces the amount of time needed to progress to the next level, though not in the way we would have chosen.

Community Manager John Junyszek outlined the upcoming changes in a Tweet, describing how the XP bonuses for the initial six matches played each day pan out and how this system will benefit players logging in daily.

While this is clearly a bandage approach quickly being slapped on the wound, it is likely envisioned as something to tide players over until a fundamental fix for the progression issues can be worked out by 343. While Halo Infinite's multiplayer is free to play, the nature of the game's monetization and progression has significantly damaged its reputation - which would have been stellar otherwise. It makes sense that the devs are keen to solve these problems.

Halo Infinite launches in full, complete with campaign, on the 8th of December. It has been confirmed that no new multiplayer content will be added upon launch.

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